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‘Tony doesn’t want his fingerprints on origin stories’: Explosive new emails reveal Fauci’s ‘illegal’ cover-up

‘Tony doesn’t want his fingerprints on origin stories’: Explosive new emails reveal Fauci’s ‘illegal’ cover-up

The new emails reveal that Dr. Anthony Fauci, former head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), was at the center of a broad cover-up by the agency, particularly with his involvement in the origins of the new coronavirus.

“Explosive emails from Dr. David Morens, @NIAIDNews senior science advisor and ally of Dr. Fauci, reveal a potential violation of federal recordkeeping laws,” the committee said.

“Dr. Morens intentionally used his personal email to avoid FOIA and evade transparency to the American people,” the committee added.

▪️ “I try to always communicate on Gmail because my NIH email is constantly FOIA.”

▪️ “I will delete everything I don’t want to see in the New York Times”

Dr. Morens used his @NIAIDNews official capacity to belittle reporters and belittle his fellow scientists:

▪️ “Don’t rule out suing these a-holes (@theintercept) for slander.”

▪️ “Ebright and his colleagues are not only NOT experts, they are harmful demagogues [sic]”.

“Amen and good for you!” Moren exclaimed. “You are right that Ebright and his ilk are not only NOT experts, they are noxious demagogues. They need to be called out. Being in government, I can only do that [sic] that’s not on record, but I’ve done it time and time again.”

“Some of them are knowingly promoting false equivalencies,” he continued. “If they interviewed a Holocaust survivor, they would say they have to give the same time and space to a Nazi murderer. They have no shame.”

To be clear, Morens is comparing those who engage in the scientific process of open inquiry and defiance of authority to “Nazi killers.”

“Dr. Fauci, in an attempt to cover up his involvement, asked Dr. Morens to publicly suppress the lab leak theory,” the committee added.

▪️ “…my boss Tony asked me to talk to National Geographic about origins”

▪️ “…Tony doesn’t want his fingerprints on the origin stories.”

“…and these are just a few glaring examples.”

“Today, the COVID Select Committee is requesting all of Dr. Morens’ personal email and cell phone records related to the origins of COVID-19,” the committee said. “Bottom line: Public health officials are not above the law, especially in times of crisis.”

If this is indeed the case, those who committed fraud and violated the law must be held accountable. There must be severe punishment to ensure protection against rogue bureaucrats who abuse their authority to violate the rights of the American people.

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