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Time for the real Republicans to stand up!

Time for the real Republicans to stand up!

For the vast majority of those who embrace the “MAGA” phenomenon, the enthusiasm and loyalty is not directed at President Trump personally. Rather, it is a show of support for the pro-America agenda that has so boldly and unwaveringly advanced. That’s why fans can gloss over details they don’t agree with, like his (now waning) early support for “Operation Warp Speed.”

Clearly, their desire was to see the disease eradicated, so that the United States and all the free people of the world could overcome the dangerous and uncontrolled efforts of leftists/globalists to exploit fear and suffering in their tireless quest to amass a undisputed power He strongly opposed mandatory vaccinations, vax “passports” or any other coercive strategy to force people to comply. A lifelong advocate of individual freedom and unlimited opportunity, he worked tirelessly to achieve these goals throughout his tenure. Admittedly, he didn’t do it perfectly.

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It is from his tireless efforts to improve the lives of all Americans that Trump’s momentum is alive and well, despite the constant obsessive criticism of his detractors. The mock accusations only reflect the duplicity of those who will be charged. And that’s especially true when that venom comes from players who are ostensibly on the right.

As often as RINOs try to persuade America of its inherent “virtue,” the facts need to be reiterated. Donald Trump’s single greatest achievement, far greater than any other, was the unmasking of the betrayal of the so-called “moderates” in the Republican Party, who are, in fact, liberals, working to advance the leftist/democratic agenda since from inside Some, like Liz Cheney, were forced to do so because they were elected from heavily Republican jurisdictions, like Wyoming.

Others were two-faced strategists who knew they could accomplish far more as Trojan horses behind enemy lines (i.e., within the GOP) than they would if they openly admitted their leftist allegiance. Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are classic examples of this betrayal.

Suffice it to say that while Republicans had maintained sufficient numerical strength and even control of both Houses of Congress and the White House before President Trump, the leftist agenda was always advancing, whether full speed ahead under the Democrats or a little more slowly and stealthily under Republican “leadership”. And for anyone who doubts that, just consider how “Medicare Part D,” the single largest expansion of the Nanny State since Lyndon Johnson, was enacted under George Bush Jr.’s watch. under the guise of “compassionate conservatism”, which was a “light beer” approach to socialism. This, along with the “Patriot Act,” ultimately defined Bush 41’s legacy.

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Instead, when Donald Trump assumed the presidency, he immediately set out to implement a genuinely conservative and pro-America agenda. The entire DC swamp, with a large turnout from both parties, attacked him as a “populist” and “nationalist.” Those seemingly derogatory labels were transparent attempts by the “politics as usual” crowd to denigrate their broad base of support and their patriotism.

On the flimsiest of premises, the swamp creatures dug in their heels to oppose his efforts to build a border wall and repeal Obamacare. The final impact of this conflict was that the RINOs were forced out from under the rocks where they had been hiding and out into the daylight. This infuriated them completely, as their riotous behavior was finally open to public scrutiny and ultimately accountability.

Predictably, as the 2024 presidential election approaches, the RINO “Establishment” is once again trying to regroup and actually intends to re-establish itself and its total betrayal of America , dubbed the “real Republicans” in the room. Their game was fraudulent and abysmal at best and only served to alienate honest Americans from their camp. But they have enjoyed the big money and fake news coverage they believed they could prevail on. So they plan to do it all again.

Former House Speaker Paul Ryan is now lamenting that if President Trump is the 2024 Republican nominee, he won’t be attending the national convention. Despite claiming to be a “Republican,” Ryan’s lasting legacy will ultimately be his abhorrent undermining of President Trump’s effort to complete the wall and secure our nation’s southern border. Yet Ryan surprisingly boasts that he can use his absence among Republicans as a “negative” for the president!

Former Vice President Mike Pence, who did not stand in a vacuum when he was in a prime position to call the stolen 2020 election, has also indicated his intention to run in 2024. In his book of aggrandizement, Pence tries reformulate himself as a consummate defender of the Constitution and the rule of law. After his abysmal betrayal of Indiana Christians/conservatives when he was governor, Pence barely appeared on the radar screen in 2016 until he was picked for the vice-presidential post by Donald Trump. And now, Pence is dodging questions about whether he would support Trump if he is the nominee in 2024. On his own merits, Pence would have completely disappeared from public view by now. And in retrospect, America would have been better for it.

Former Wyoming “Rep” Liz Cheney has accepted a professorship at the University of Virginia, unequivocally confirming the warnings of her critics, namely that she had no interest in the cowboy state other than using it as a springboard for his personal political aspirations. . All Mitt Romney supporters in Utah, are you paying attention? And then there’s Adam Kinzinger, former “Republican” congressman from Illinois who, upon getting the boot last November, went to CNN. Of course, we all know that this is where a true “conservative” would end up.

Finally, consider Bush Jr.’s aide and strategist. Karl Rove, who openly expresses his visceral disdain for everything Trump while claiming to be the essence of the “real Republican Party.” Rove intends to outsmart the American people by taking on (for now) Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. The goal is no different than it has been since Donald Trump took a hammer to DC’s status quo. Initially, Trump’s momentum must be destroyed by any means possible, even if that means praising DeSantis for his bold conservatism. If he succeeds on this front, any subsequent conservative firebrand may also be betrayed, undermined and dismissed. And that includes DeSantis.

Ron Desantis should take note of the true nature of so many “Republicans” who now profess this support for him. If he is wise, he will publicly shun his endorsements and maintain his connection with Royal America. Otherwise, he may lose credibility with “We the People,” not just in 2024, but in any subsequent election.

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