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Months of dev time, with X burning $12m a month, is lost to Musk’s obsession with PayPal V2. A complete rework on Microsoft. It’s BEYOND a bad plan. Microsoft servers and MSSQL CANNOT scale enough at the time. But Elon decrees it. He even decrees a launch with no rollback option.

Over the phone, Thiel and Levkin reveal the PayPal V2 and financial issues to Malloy, Moritz and Hurd, who had no idea about them. They’re sympathetic to Elon as founder and visionary, but horrified this was all done without board approval and at the mass-resignation letter.

@jimmyasoni If you’re ever in London just ping me on here/bsky/mastodon, because absolutely owe you a pint and i’m sure we’d have a fun mutual nerd-out about dot com era history!

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