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This Trump endorsement is awesome… – CITIZEN FREE PRESS

This Trump endorsement is awesome… – CITIZEN FREE PRESS

Biden is as corrupt as the day is long. I expect nothing from him and he consistently delivers on that expectation

But Pence… Pence is that guy who’s got your back just so he can be in the right place to stab you in it. Pence could change a $9 bill in $3’s. His campaign will flame out faster than a MiG-29 on Smirnoff.

Only two people deserve any votes in the primary; the decent and respectable Larry Elder and the towering colossus, the more-than-man of a Man, President Trump.

DeSantis will be a formidable candidate one day. But he’s Nixon in 1960, not 1968. And if he’s Reagan it’s in 1976, not 1980.

Ron- we love you and go ahead and run if you want to. You’re a good man. It’s just that Trump is on out Mount Rushmore next-to-carve list. And you’re not quite there yet my friend

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