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This is the “child sexual abuse” lawsuit that will likely bring down the cult of “Scientology” |

Scientology has been embroiled in significant controversy in recent years, most notably the high-profile show featuring actress Leah Remini and her ongoing fight against corrupt practices within the organization.

However, the troubling issues go far beyond the announced events. Deep in the shadows lie even darker secrets, including a harrowing sex-abuse scandal that could bring down the entire church.

A high-profile lawsuit has recently been filed, with allegations against Scientology and its leader, David Miscavige, alleging their involvement in the cover-up of widespread incidents of child sexual abuse by a senior executive within the church

From Radar Online:

The woman suing the church and its leader is Jane Doe, a plaintiff who said she was born into Scientology in 1974 and at age 14 became a member of the Sea Organization, which requires the members sign billion-year contracts.

Jane Doe was also one of Masterson’s victims who was found guilty by a jury in May of raping two women.

In the filing, Jane Doe alleged that Gavin Potter, a member of the Sea Organization, sexually abused her when she was assigned the job of bringing him home.

“It was during these car rides that Gavin Potter began sexually abusing Jane Doe,” the lawsuit states.

“At no time during any of the assaults on her vehicle did Jane Doe consent to these acts, but felt she could not refuse because of Gavin Potter’s position at the Center for Religious Technology, Church of Scientology International, Bridge Publications Incorporated, and Sea Org.

“The first time Gavin Potter sexually assaulted Jane Doe, he leaned into her car and kissed her on the mouth. At the time of their first encounter, Jane Doe had never had a boyfriend or done anything sexual nature with anyone”.

It is claimed that the alleged sexual abuse by Potter came forward.

In another encounter, Jane Doe said she “was in the driver’s seat and Gavin Potter was in the passenger seat when he began fondling Jane Doe’s breasts over her clothing and then put a hand up her skirt. Gavin Potter then digitally penetrated her vagina.

“Jane Doe was frightened and physically uncomfortable, but unable to move. The digital penetration continued for an unknown period of time, at which point Jane Doe looked up and noticed that Gavin Potter had a wet spot on his crotch pants

“Jane Doe did not understand at the time that he ejaculated. After ejaculating, Gavin Potter removed his hand from Jane Doe’s pants and she proceeded to take him home.

When a colleague asked Jane Doe why she was late for work the next day, the incident was reported to church authorities who allegedly forced her to marry the his alleged abuser.

The disgusting nature of these allegations is truly disturbing as the church is not only accused of perpetrating sexual abuse but also of coercing people into forced marriages.

Given the seriousness of these claims, it becomes increasingly difficult to understand how Scientology can withstand this attack. If these shocking revelations don’t manage to dismantle the organization, it’s hard to see what would.


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