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'This is an insult to me as a voter!' Michigan Democrats reject Biden, stun MSNBC talking heads

Four Michigan Democratic voters dropped a shocking truth bomb this week on MSNBC's far-left pro-Biden reporters.

Sitting down with MSNBC's Yasmin Vossoughian for a panel discussion, all four admitted they refuse to vote for President Joe Biden because of his support for Israel amid the ongoing war in Gaza.

I will see:

The discussion began with Vossoughian asking the four if there is a “way forward” for the current president.

“Oh, absolutely not,” said voter Farah Khan. “You can't keep killing people with our money and keep thinking, oh, we're stupid enough to re-elect you because we'll fall in line, we'll forget. How can you? That's an insult to me as a voter!”

Khan is a co-founder of Abandon Biden, an anti-Biden movement to encourage Muslim voters and their allies not to vote for Biden.

Khalid Turaani, another co-founder of Abandon Biden, added that he is ready to “punish” the current president for his support for Israel.

“It's like a vaccine: I'm willing to suffer short-term pain for long-term gain,” he said. “I'm willing to let Joe Biden go and run against Joe Biden, make him a one-term president, punish Joe Biden by making him a one-term president.”

Mikal Goodman, Pontiac councilman, said for his part that the president's only “way forward” is to call for an “immediate and permanent cease-fire” and “to stop helping Israel in its war crimes.”

“It's crazy to have the Democratic Party and the Biden administration sit here and essentially say, 'If Trump happens, it's your fault,'” he added.

And finally, University of Michigan graduate student Annie Wisner asked, “Why is having a Trump presidency more important than the lives of these people? Why is our democracy more important than the death of thousands of men, women and children?

The four, plus MSNBC, are now facing backlash from the president's devout devotees for daring to speak negatively about the beloved leader. This despite the fact that MSNBC is seen as a partisan, radically far-left, PRO-BIDEN network.

Look at:

The roundtable comes days after the Abandon Biden movement held a meeting Monday at Independence Hall in Philadelphia.

“You [Biden] You've not only abandoned the American people, you've abandoned humanity,'' activist Hayla Solomon said at the rally,'' he explained. The Philadelphia Inquirer.

“Today and moving forward, we hold you accountable for your carelessness, neglect and cruelty. We are abandoning you, Joe Biden,” he continued.

Samer Amm, a local imam who described Biden as a “murderer,” added that his mother lives in Gaza.

“My mother, she's there, and I'm paying taxes,” he said. “Imagine my money might kill my mother there.”

Meanwhile, activist Rabiul Chowdhury said he is ready to put up with four more years of Trump, even if it means another “Muslim ban”.

“One banned the entry of my community, my family; another is killing my family. I am willing to accept the ban on being killed, putting it in simpler terms,” he said.

Turaani, the Muslim man on the MSNBC panel, also appeared at the rally, where he proceeded to say he was tired of Trump's fear mongering.

“You can't scare us with Trump,” he said. “You can't scare us with what can happen when you are actively pursuing genocide against the Palestinian people.”

Back on the MSNBC panel, Vossoughian later wrapped it up by summing it all up for the network's other hosts.

“These voters are saying, 'It's not up to us. This is not our responsibility. It's not our fault. This is the fault of the two party system in this country. It is the Democratic Party's fault for not producing the candidates we want and for not reaching out and pursuing the issues we believe should be pursued. So if we have to go through … that kind of short-term pain of another Trump presidency, that's what has to happen, as they see it, to break the system,” he said.

“Because they have slept through so many electoral cycles in which they see how to choose the lesser of two evils. And they are exhausted. And that's what I'm hearing the most from voters here in Michigan,” he added.


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'This is an insult to me as a voter!'  Michigan Democrats reject Biden, stun MSNBC talking heads
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