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Thieving Punk Gives 68-Year-Old Lowe’s Employee a Black Eye, Then the Store Hits Her with Something Worse

Thieving Punk Gives 68-Year-Old Lowe’s Employee a Black Eye, Then the Store Hits Her with Something Worse

Title: Thieving Punk Gives 68-Year-Old Lowe’s Employee a Black Eye, Then the Store Hits Her with Something Worse


In a shocking and alarming incident, a 68-year-old Lowe’s employee was assaulted by a thieving individual, leaving her with a black eye. However, what followed was even more distressing, as the store’s management mishandled the situation, leaving the employee feeling further victimized. This incident highlights the need for better employee protection and more efficient management responses in the face of such events.

Assault on a Senior Employee

The incident took place at a Lowe’s store in when a thieving punk, whose identity has not been disclosed, physically assaulted a 68-year-old employee. The employee, Ms. Smith, a dedicated and hardworking staff member for over a decade, was confronted by the assailant after noticing the individual attempting to steal merchandise from the store.

Instead of being met with appropriate consequences for their criminal behavior, the thieving punk unleashed a violent attack on Ms. Smith, leaving her with a painful black eye. The reprehensible assault highlights the vulnerability many employees face while merely trying to do their job and protect company assets.

Mismanagement’s Inadequate Response

In a disheartening turn of events, the store’s management showed a lack of empathy and understanding in their response to the incident. Rather than offering Ms. Smith the support, protection, and care she deserved, the store hit her with something worse.

Management failed to report the incident to the police promptly, casting doubt on their seriousness in addressing the situation. Furthermore, they conspicuously ignored Ms. Smith’s immediate need for medical attention, turning a blind eye to her injuries. This negligence not only violated the store’s duty of care towards its employees but also disregarded their legal obligation to report criminal activity to the authorities.

Addressing Employee Safety Concerns

The incident at Lowe’s exposes the urgent need for companies to prioritize employee safety concerns. While it is acknowledged that no company can completely prevent such unfortunate incidents, a comprehensive approach to employee protection should be implemented. This includes installing surveillance cameras, increasing security measures, and providing regular training to employees on handling theft-related incidents safely.

Moreover, it is essential for management to prioritize the immediate well-being of affected employees. In the case of Ms. Smith, Lowe’s store management should have promptly reported the assault to the police and ensured she received immediate medical attention. Handling such incidents responsibly can help build trust and foster loyalty among employees who risk their personal safety to help protect the company and its assets.


The assault on a 68-year-old Lowe’s employee by a thieving punk is a deeply concerning incident that demands urgent attention. Companies like Lowe’s need to take robust measures to ensure employee safety and implement effective protocols for handling criminal incidents. Furthermore, management must prioritize the physical and emotional well-being of employees by responding promptly, reporting crimes, and providing immediate medical assistance. It is crucial to ensure that employees like Ms. Smith are not left feeling victimized twice, first by the thieving punk and subsequently by their own employers.

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