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They Want Him in Cuffs

Good evening, America. Tonight, we’re talking about the ongoing witch hunt against President Donald Trump. There are some in the Democratic Party who want to see him in cuffs, despite there being no evidence of any wrongdoing.

Let’s not forget, President Trump has been subjected to unprecedented attacks since day one of his presidency. The liberal media and entrenched bureaucrats have tried everything in their power to delegitimize his administration and undermine the will of the American people.

From the failed Russia collusion hoax to the baseless accusations in the impeachment trial, they just can’t seem to accept that they lost the election. And now, they want to continue their harassment of the president with baseless accusations.

But the American people aren’t fooled. They see through this charade and stand firmly behind President Trump. His accomplishments speak for themselves. Through his leadership, unemployment rates hit historic lows, the stock market reached record highs, and Americans are seeing more money in their wallets thanks to tax cuts.

He’s kept his promises to rebuild our military, enforce our borders, and put America first on the international stage. His administration has negotiated new trade deals, secured the release of American hostages, and made progress towards peace in the Korean Peninsula.

So, while some may want to see the president in cuffs, we know that the only thing he’s guilty of is fighting tirelessly for the American people. It’s time for this baseless investigation to end, and for the country to unite behind our president as he continues to make America great again.

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