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They find a missing hiker in the California mountain where actor Julian Sands is still missing

They find a missing hiker in the California mountain where actor Julian Sands is still missing

AAuthorities say they have found a second hiker who went missing on the same California mountain where British actor Julian Sands went missing earlier this month.

Jin Chung, of Los Angeles, was found Tuesday afternoon in Mount Baldy, the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department announced later. The 75-year-old man “suffered some weather-related injuries and a leg injury,” but officers say he was able to get out of the woods with the help of rescue crew members. He is being treated at a nearby hospital.

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The sheriff’s department was quick to note that the search for Sands is nearing the end of its second week. The Leaving Las Vegas actor was last seen on January 13 and authorities are no closer to finding him than when rescue efforts began, saying they have found “no evidence of his whereabouts current”. However, the search will continue as time permits.

California’s recent storms, which Gov. Gavin Newsom (D-CA) has said are among the worst natural disasters the state has ever faced, have made rescue efforts especially difficult.

Sands’ family have thanked authorities for their “heroic” efforts to search for the 65-year-old, but family members have also expressed extreme concern for their loved one’s condition, according to the Independent.


Sands is an avid hiker, once telling the Guardian that he is happiest when “near a mountain top on a cold, glorious morning”.

Mount Baldy is located northeast of Los Angeles. San Bernardino County sheriff’s deputies said two hikers were injured and later died in falls on or near the 10,068-foot peak in the past six weeks. There have been 14 rescues in the area in that time period alone, according to a public service advisory.

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