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“There’s Nothing Liberals Fear More Than Strong Conservative Women” (VIDEO)

“There’s Nothing Liberals Fear More Than Strong Conservative Women” (VIDEO)

In recent years, there has been a noticeable trend in modern politics, particularly in the United States. The rise of strong conservative women, both in societal and political spheres, has been met with a peculiar backlash from the liberal side of the aisle. It seems that some liberals cannot tolerate or accept the emergence and success of women who hold conservative values or beliefs. Conservative women are often subjected to vitriol and disparagement from their liberal counterparts, who label them as anti-feminist, ignorant, or worse, reducing them to their gender identity and disregarding their intellect, accomplishments, and credentials. This article aims to explore the reasons behind this phenomenon and whether there is scientific evidence to back up the claims that liberal circles fear strong conservative women.

The Rise of Conservative Women in Politics

In the last decade, there has been a significant increase in the number of conservative women politicians in the United States. Women like Marsha Blackburn, Kristi Noem, Elise Stefanik, and Sarah Palin have redefined what it means to be a conservative woman in politics. These women are not afraid to speak their minds, stay true to their values, and stand up for what they believe in.

For the longest time, the narrative was that feminist women were synonymous with liberal inclinations, and patriarchy was a problem linked primarily to conservatism. However, this perspective is changing, as more conservative women are standing up and taking leading roles in conservative movements, regardless of how often they face pushbacks and resistance.

Perhaps the most visible example of conservative women in recent years is former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, who became the 2008 Republican Vice Presidential nominee. At the time, Palin was the first-ever female Vice Presidential nominee for a major political party, and instantly became a lightning rod of political controversy. She was labeled many things from “stupid” to “inexperienced” to “anti-women’s rights,” yet Palin was never deterred from leading and advocating for conservative positions. In fact, she has gone on to become a trailblazer and figurehead for conservative women’s movement, especially those interested in running and holding office.

The backlash – Why do liberals fear strong conservative women?

While conservative women in politics are making gains, they are also subjected to a specific type of criticism, condescension, and dismissal from their liberal peers. The argument is that conservative women hold views that go against the norm and are inconsistent with feminist principles.

According to Katherine Timpf, a conservative commentator and TV show host, liberal circles engage in a type of gender-based cognitive dissonance when it comes to conservative women. They are used to the idea that progressive ideologies and liberalism are good for women, and the fact that some women hold conservative beliefs confounds them. In their dissonance, they create false narratives to explain these unexplained phenomena, such as the idea that conservative women are not smart enough to know better, or that they have internalized misogyny. Every so often, the criticisms devolve into personal verbal attacks and slut-shaming, demonstrating that the liberal side is willing to take any measures necessary to undermine conservative female voices.

Another theory is that liberal circles feel that conservative women present a challenge to their narrative on feminism. Suppose conservative women can be powerful, successful, and influential without needing the help of liberal policies and positions. In that case, it undermines the liberal narrative that says women need to be constantly protected or affirmed. This situation, thus, contradicts the left’s narrative that it is their agenda that gives women a voice, purpose, identity, and significance, and that it is only through this agenda that women can attain their full potential.

Finally, some argue that the left fears conservative women because they believe that they represent a substantial voting bloc. Many conservative women voters are middle-class or working-class mothers who believe that liberal policies such as abortion and other reproductive rights go against their values and family life. This leaves the liberal flanks scrambling to try and neutralize this voting bloc, the outcome of which is seen in the constant smearing and mudslinging levvied against conservative women public figures.

Do Conservative Women Have a Legitimate Place in Feminism?

The culture war playing out in the US today has created a situation in which the left claims the feminist mantle and insists that liberals represent those who are pro-women. This claim is despite the reality that much of what the left proposes in terms of policy and ideas is often quite divisive, and there is no unanimity among women about which issues should receive priority or how they must be addressed.

Indeed, the definition of feminism remains contested, as some argue that feminism is about securing the right for women to make choices and achieve their goals, irrespective of their views or the views of the femininity of other women. Others claim that there is no way for women to flourish or achieve their potential without liberal policies that support progressive ideologies.

Conservative women who are also feminists are often put in a difficult spot where their views are labeled “oppressive” by their liberal colleagues. It appears that, for many on the left, the only way one can be a “real” feminist is if one subscribes exclusively to progressive or liberal points of view. But, that way of thinking shuts out the voices of many women who hold conservative beliefs and, thus, undermines women’s rights and freedoms to make choices about their lives.

Moreover, one cannot define or re-define feminism without recognizing the multifaceted nature of women, as they also possess myriad other qualities and facets that go beyond their gender identity. For instance, many conservative women are highly educated, successful, and accomplished, but they are judged primarily based on their political affiliation or beliefs. By continuing to dismiss conservative voices, the left continues to disregard the importance of promoting diversity and inclusion in feminism, which stands in direct contrast to their purported goals in inclusive politics.


The visibility and success of conservative women have caused fear among the liberal circles of power. They must contend with a new set of voices that they can no longer afford to ignore. While liberal claim to be the real protectors and champions of women’s rights and values, they continuously ostracize those whose views they deem inconsistent with their political interests. Conservative women have proven that they are equally as capable and powerful as anyone else, even those harboring liberal views, and the left must come to grips with this reality. While some will persist in labelling conservatives as anti-women, close-minded, and exclusionary, that view is becoming harder to sustain based on the evidence at hand. Indeed, the rise of conservative women in politics raises some important questions about the relationship between women, politics, and power, but one thing is apparent – as a society, we are only stronger when we welcome and embrace the diversity of thought and expression in all quarters, no matter one’s political persuasion.

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