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There’s a “silent but deadly” boycott of Disney underway and it’s destroying the “woke” Magic Kingdom…

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The Bud Light boycott was remarkably loud, noisy, and widely covered in the news. Bud Light’s reputation caught fire very quickly and we all watched it unfold. While the situation with Disney may not be as immediately noticeable, it is proving to be just as damaging. Evidence suggests that a “silent” boycott of Disney is indeed taking place, causing a behind-the-scenes death spiral. Things kick off with Disney’s biggest loss yet. The mouse has lost close to a billion dollars thanks to its last eight wake-up bugs in a row.

World of Reel:

A well-known box office analyst has estimated that Walt Disney Co. has lost more than $890 million in its last eight studio releases.

Films contributing to the losses include “Lightyear,” “Thor: Love and Thunder,” “Strange World,” “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever,” “Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania,” “The Little Mermaid ” and “Elemental”.

The eight films cost approximately $2.75 billion to produce, but only brought in $1.86 billion. OK, but what about marketing costs? You also have to consider this: it has to be a lot more than $890 million in losses.


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And it’s not just the series of unsuccessful “woke” films that is affecting Disney. Its streaming service is also struggling after receiving significant pushback for airing programs aimed at “prepping” children for the LGBTQ military.

World of Reel:

Disney has been seeing some major red flags at the box office this year and it’s even now leaked onto their streaming service.

For the third quarter in a row, the number of Disney Plus subscribers is down. The company announced that it had lost more than 10 million subscriptions in the third quarter. Therefore, the decline has been continuous and significant over the past 12 months.

Disney Plus has lost 18 million subscribers since September 2022, including a significant 1% decline in North America. This means they now have almost 100 million fewer subscribers than their main competitor Netflix.

In order to increase the income of the platform, which is still in deficit (512 million dollars in operating losses during the quarter), Disney Plus has decided to increase its prices in the United States. Starting Thursday, October 12, Disney+ Premium will cost $13.99 per month compared to the current $10.99.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, attendance at its overpriced theme parks has dropped significantly. CBS cites the high cost of a Disney vacation as one of the reasons for the recession, a claim that seems valid. However, what they don’t mention are the frustrated parents who are tired of the company’s wake-up call agenda.

CBS News:

Crowds at Disney World are getting thinner, indicating that the theme park’s high admission costs, as well as competition from other destinations, may be affecting attendance, Wall Street Journal reporter Jacob Passy said on CBS News.

“We looked specifically at the Fourth of July, which historically has always been a pretty peak day for the parks,” Passy said, noting that he analyzed data from a company called Touring Plans, which tracks wait times at the best amusement parks. “Waiting times were significantly lower this year than in previous years.”

Data from Touring Plans showed that July 4th was the third slowest day last year at Disney’s Hollywood Studios theme park in Florida. Meanwhile, wait times at Disney’s Magic Kingdom stateside averaged 27 minutes on July 4, down from 47 minutes in 2019, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The entertainment giant may be struggling with some issues, including the growing distrust of parents spending more than $100 a day for a ticket to Disney World. Passy noted that intense competition from rival destinations may also play a role, especially as pandemic restrictions have eased around the world.

And if Disney thought its new live-action “Snow White” movie would save them, boy were they wrong. Thanks to the awakening reboot and the annoying and insufferable white “girl boss” who plays the protagonist, that movie is already doomed and won’t even come out until next year. The actress who plays Snow White is Rachel Zegler, and she’s on a PR blitz to promote the making of the movie, but she’s trashing the beloved classic 1937 version every chance she gets. It’s quite a sight to see.

Zegler is trashing the beloved story at every turn and even claims that the original love story is lame and that the prince was a “weird stalker.”

If you head over to TikTok, you’ll find that the entire platform is filled with frustration over this annoying actress and her blatant disrespect for the classic film.


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But anger goes further. Fans are also upset that Disney continues to push a “woke” formula that continues to fall flat. The “Snow White” movie could end up being Disney’s biggest flop to date, and that’s saying a lot, because they’ve had some real stinkers at the box office.

Clearly a pattern is forming here. In every imaginable channel, Disney is failing. While money is certainly a factor — Biden’s economy is in freefall, making a $10,000 three-day family vacation unrealistic for many — it’s more than that. A silent but deadly boycott is quietly dismantling the Magic Kingdom. Disney made the same mistake Bud Light did: they pissed off their loyal customers when they went into the babysitting business. Parents take their kids to Disney for fun, not for LGBTQ indoctrination. Disney will learn this lesson the hard and expensive way.



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