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The video shows street walkers outdoors in Brooklyn

The good old days are back in East New York, where some blocks are overrun with prostitutes selling early morning sex, with one strutting her stuff nearly naked in the middle of a street, shocking new footage of online programs.

The YouTube video, “East New York Ep. 2,” was shot at 7 a.m. on July 28 along Stanley Avenue near Sheffield Avenue and has already garnered 5,000 views.

A woman wearing a see-through orange robe and silver platform heels can be seen pacing back and forth in front of a car parked next to a garbage truck on an industrial block.

Then a woman who appears to be topless with an open jacket walks in front of oncoming traffic.

Next, a woman wearing a see-through purple robe and strappy high heels slips away as she tries to talk to a potential customer in a car while a woman wearing a small black teddy and cut-out stomach looks on from the other side side of the street

A prostitute from Brooklyn wears a blue robe and walks near traffic.

A scantily clad woman walks down the street.
A woman in an orange teddy and platform heels walks near a car at an East New York intersection.

Just down the road, a hooker wearing a dressing gown and black thigh-high boots walks down the center of the road waving and smiling at passing drivers.

Another pedestrian in a barely there orange suit is seen walking past a Department of Sanitation building on Georgia Avenue.

The YouTuber posted the first episode online on July 3.

A woman wearing almost nothing walks down the street.
A woman dressed in a one-piece and thigh-high boots walks down the middle of a Brooklyn street.

It showed the sex trade on Pennsylvania Avenue and received 448,317 views, according to the site.

The scene in the disturbing videos reminded retired detective and John Jay College professor Michael Alcazar, who worked at the 75th Precinct in East New York, of rampant outdoor prostitution in the lawless 1990s.

“In ’75, we would drive through areas where there were waves,” said Alcazar, who was on the job for three decades. “It’s sad because we cleaned it up. And now it’s back and they’re dealing with it too. You know, kids.”

Another woman in skimpy clothes walks down the street.
Another scantily clad woman walking through traffic.

Alcazar said that when he was an undercover officer, the NYPD would arrest 13-year-olds and “ask them for help.”

“You know, they look at their pimps like they’re taking care of them,” he said. “They don’t know they’re being used.”


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