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The truth about defeating the radicals | Thursday of the truth

The truth about defeating the radicals |  Thursday of the truth

Red Voice Media

Saul Alinsky’s book Rules For Radicals is believed to be the road map currently being used by the destructive Marxists who now control the Democratic Party in America. In fact, many experts and supporters from across our country’s political spectrum confirm this and say it is having great success. From the seemingly endless march that has resulted in nearly every American institution being infiltrated and controlled by these Marxists to establishment Uniform Party Republicans like former Vice President Mike Pence who are an Alinskyite fifth column that works against the base American voter who still wants a free vote. America, only to reveal itself as it did after its betrayal, the experts seem to be right. Unfortunately, betrayal like Pence’s has our nation on the path to its own destruction. However, I have hope, hope that no matter what happens, there are enough Americans left after the devastation to wrest freedom from the shackles of tyranny once again. My guest today is one such American and has written a manual you should read, Rules For Defeating Radicals.

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