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The transgender CIA “girl” who called for the death of US citizen Gonzalo Lira is now the official spokesperson for the Ukrainian military…

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Ukraine has taken a surprising military step, and surprisingly, it does not involve Russia. In fact, it is more significant than that. They have selected an American transvestite to be a military spokesman. In a curious move, this cross-dressing man wasted no time in calling for the death of Gonzalo Lira, a man who openly expresses his views on the ongoing war from Kharkiv, Ukraine, a perhaps reckless course of action that deeply threatens the regime The Western media also criticize Gonzalo, calling him “pro-Russian” and a “red pill” and therefore, presumably, deserving of the fate that the Ukrainian ogres will give him.

New York Daily News:

Pro-Russian misogynist blogger and dating coach Gonzalo Lira, also known as “Coach Red Pill” online, has been arrested by Ukrainian authorities on charges of wartime propaganda.

Lira, a dual citizen of the US and Chile, had been living in the Ukrainian city of Kharkiv, where he had become a controversial online personality by spreading misinformation that sought to justify Putin’s armed invasion of Ukraine.

On May 1, members of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) arrested Lira at his home, citing Article 436-2 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, which refers to wartime propaganda. The SBU announced news of the arrest on Friday, and Lira now faces five to eight years behind bars, with an investigation still ongoing, the Daily Beast reports.

A spokesperson for the SBU stated that “the blogger was one of the first to support the Russian invaders and glorify their war crimes… In addition, in his comments he discussed the details of the Russian missile attacks on Ukrainian cities and the mass killings of civilians”.

Before focusing on the Russian-Ukrainian war, Lira made videos on social media promoting himself as a dating coach, in which he offered advice such as: “Never date a woman in her 30s” or the idea that the only things women desire are money, a house and children.

It was called “Coach Red Pill,” referring to the term “red-pilled,” found in certain corners of the Internet and originating from the “Matrix” movies, which supposedly describes someone who has enlightened about the truths of our reality.

So who is this transvestite journalist from the United States who is now the official spokesperson for the Territorial Defense Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine? Well, it’s a man named Michael J. Cirillo who now goes by the stage name Sarah Ashton-Cirillo. Ukraine obviously knows how much of their bread is butter and they understand the value of a “trans spokesperson” to their hordes of war-loving progressive fangeeks in the West. And bonus: Sarah calling for the death of Gonzalo Lira seems like a fitting brand with the violent leftist trans movement.

This move by Ukraine to use a “trans soldier” reminds us of a viral piece published by Revolver he calledTransissaris: The Surprising Parallel of the Trans Movement with an Obscure and Forgotten Practice in the Ottoman Empire. This piece explored how today’s trans “warriors” are very similar to the “transissaris” of the Ottoman empire.


The modern American regime has many soldiers fighting on its behalf. There are BLM rioters looting defenseless wineries and shoe stores every time a “gentle giant” succumbs to an agent’s bullet or a cop’s knee. There is AWFL; the pink hat wearers who attend every protest and enforce every newly invented rule. There is Antifa; the violent actors who set fire to cars, besiege courts and burn down police stations.

But one class of warriors stands out from all the rest. Call them the “transmitters”. Or, if you prefer something even sillier, “tranny jannies.”

For those who didn’t grow up playing Age of Empires II, Janissaries were the elite soldiers of the Turkish Ottoman Empire, which conquered all of the Balkans and the Near East during the 15th and 16th centuries. They fought and won the hardest battles for the last and greatest of the Islamic empires that waged war against Christian Europe.

Today, it’s common on Twitter or in comment sections to see people joke that the most elite and spearhead soldiers of the modern left are America’s growing transgender community. Or, as the pun goes, “transmitters.”

Why is the transgender movement so “successful?” In large part, it’s because of how fanatically committed its members are to defending and advancing their ascended fetish. Why is transvestite content so successful online? Because trans radicals make up a hugely disproportionate share of moderators and power users on places like Reddit or Wikipedia, and will harass or ban anyone who opposes them. Why is it drag queen story time everywhere? Because it turns out there are a ton of creepy autogynephiles out there willingly volunteering to hang out with little kids.

It’s a fascinating piece, and we encourage you to read it and see how these two groups line up.

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Ukraine certainly sees the value in promoting the trans movement, which is currently prominent in American culture, though perhaps not in the way it had initially hoped. Contrary to what the Western media tells you, the trans movement does not enjoy widespread popularity; instead, a very passionate counter-movement is gaining strength and succeeding. A prime example is the backlash facing Bud Light, which has lost an estimated $395 million after partnering with transvestite Dylan Mulvaney. Interestingly, this unpopular movement is still being pushed by the US government and its entertainment personalities, who, coincidentally, also support Ukraine.



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