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The technical problem with the planes prolongs Trudeau’s tense visit to India

An unplanned two-day extension of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s India trip occurred due to a mechanical malfunction on his plane. Originally scheduled to take off after the G20 summit on Sunday, the unexpected glitch grounded it in India.

That delay, after a notably tense meeting with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, became fodder for derision from both domestic critics and Indian social media.

Tensions between Canada and India have been rising, and this recent visit did not appear to ease relations. Just days before his arrival in Delhi, Trudeau unexpectedly announced a pause in discussions on a trade treaty between the nations. Issues surrounding protests by Canada’s sizable Sikh population, particularly following the unsolved murder of a Sikh independence activist in British Columbia, have been a major concern for India.

During Sunday’s meeting, Modi conveyed his apprehensions about extremist elements in Canada fueling secessionism and fueling violence. Instead, Trudeau emphasized the importance of the rule of law, democratic principles and the maintenance of national sovereignty. The Canadian leader also raised concerns about foreign interference in Canada’s domestic affairs, pointing to an ongoing investigation into possible election meddling with countries including India, China and Russia.

It became a point of contention when Trudeau skipped a dinner for world leaders hosted by Indian President Droupadi Murmu without offering a reason. Also, his seemingly hasty exit from a handshake with Modi did not go unnoticed.

While Trudeau’s actual activities during the unexpected stay remain unknown, reports suggest he may have been staying at his hotel.

The Indian government and Trudeau have been silent on his extended stay. However, an Indian minister officially fired him on behalf of the Modi government.

Canada’s Department of National Defense confirmed that the technical failure of Trudeau’s RCAF CC-150 Polaris aircraft was due to a component that needed replacement. They highlighted their commitment to passenger safety and routine pre-flight checks.

Remarkably, this is not Trudeau’s first encounter with aircraft problems. In 2019, there was a plane incident involving journalists and a plane destined for Trudeau’s campaign, although he was not on board at the time.

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