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The surfing snake causes controversy

A Gold Coast surfer is facing penalties for taking his pet python on a surfing adventure. The unusual surfing duo of Higor Fiuza and his bredli carpet python, Shiva, became the talk of the town after their wave-capturing video gained widespread attention.

However, the video not only attracted followers but also caught the attention of wildlife protection officers. The Queensland Department of Environment and Science flagged this as a breach of the man’s permit to keep the python, particularly for public display. As a result, Fiuza was slapped with a fine of A$2,322.

Wildlife officer Jonathan McDonald warned about the potential stress these activities can put on native pets, making them potentially unpredictable. Emphasizing the inappropriate nature of the incident, McDonald noted that reptiles generally avoid water. The python would have found the water extremely cold, and ideally only sea snakes should be in the ocean.

There are additional concerns regarding public safety and the potential health threats the python could pose to local wildlife.

Fiuza, however, is undeterred in his assertion that Shiva has always been fond of the water, citing their multiple surfing sessions together. Describing Shiva’s calm demeanor, he said, “Usually when she doesn’t like something, she starts whistling but she doesn’t whistle (into the water), she’s always cold.”

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