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The release of the second part has been delayed due to the Hollywood strike

The long-awaited sequel “Dune: Part Two,” scheduled for release in November, has been pushed back to March as the Hollywood actors’ strike hampers promotional efforts. The decision not only affects movie schedules, but also deals a blow to struggling theater chains like AMC Entertainment, Cineplex and Cinemark, which are still struggling to recover from the fallout from the pandemic.

“Dune: Part Two,” starring Zendaya and Timothée Chalamet, is a sci-fi sequel adapted from Frank Herbert’s 1965 novel, which delves into an intergalactic conflict over a valuable resource. Although the first installment was released in 2021 amid the pandemic and earned $402 million worldwide, the release of its sequel faces repercussions from the ongoing strike.

In light of the strike, major stars have refrained from promoting upcoming projects, complicating studios’ efforts to generate buzz. This phenomenon has forced Warner Bros to modify their plans. With “Dune: Part Two” being moved to March 15, the slot originally reserved for the movie “Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire” is being moved to April 12. As a result, an animated “Lord of the Rings” movie, originally scheduled for April, will now be released in December.

Sony Pictures also underwent adjustments, with “Dumb Money,” inspired by the GameStop action saga, adjusting its release strategy. Originally scheduled for a national release on September 22nd, the film will now debut in a limited number of screens in New York and Los Angeles on September 15th, followed by a wider release on October 6th.

While the actors’ strike has halted major promotional activities and appearances, the film industry continues to struggle with the lingering impact of the pandemic. The strike, started by the Writers Guild of America in May, has disrupted production of scripted television shows and certain movie shoots. This, combined with the challenging post-COVID recovery journey, casts a shadow over the current Hollywood landscape.

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