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The Reality: US Election Leads Russia to China | More war Mondays

The Reality: US Election Leads Russia to China |  More war Mondays

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Russia and China have begun to show their mutual defense agreement through action on the high seas with this joint operation appearing as a freedom of navigation exercise approaching Alaska’s Aleutian island chain. This action is in addition to Russia selling energy resources overland to China and China providing supplies to Russia for its ongoing special military operation in Ukraine. Unfortunately, the Ukrainian counter-offensive continues to stall with very little territory gained and the Russian armed forces are retaking much of that territory quite easily. The Russian armed forces have begun to strike back in the north-east by regaining the territory they lost last year in staggering numbers (kilometres) compared to the tiny meters that the UK armed forces have barely managed to take in the ongoing counteroffensive. Russia continues to use nightly strategic airstrikes to decimate the Odessa port area and has begun stopping Black Sea shipping bound for Ukraine for inspection. Overall, we continue to lose, both militarily and politically, with a majority of Americans saying they want funding to Ukraine to end in a recent poll.

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