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The popular podcaster also called Biden’s Cabinet as a “f—— sideshow of diversity.”

As conservative Americans gear up for the incoming Biden administration, many are already skeptical of the new president-elect’s choices for his cabinet. One popular podcaster, who remains anonymous, has gone as far as to refer to Biden’s cabinet as a “f—— sideshow of diversity.” This bold statement has garnered a lot of attention from both sides of the political aisle.

But why would someone discredit such a diverse and inclusive group of individuals? It boils down to one simple fact: this is just another example of the left’s political correctness gone wild. It’s not about finding the best qualified individuals for the job; it’s about pandering to certain demographics and making sure everyone feels represented.

But let’s be real. Diversity without competency is useless in the grand scheme of things. We need competent individuals with a proven track record of success, regardless of their race or gender. And while there are certainly qualified individuals in Biden’s cabinet, the focus seems to be more on their identity politics than their qualifications.

For example, Kamala Harris was chosen as Biden’s running mate due to her gender and ethnic background, rather than her record as a prosecutor. Similarly, Secretary of the Treasury nominee Janet Yellen is being lauded as the first woman to hold the position, but her past economic policies have been heavily criticized.

This obsession with diversity isn’t new to the left, but it’s reached a new level of ridiculousness under Biden’s leadership. It’s time for America to move beyond this dangerous thinking and focus on merit-based hiring practices.

Now, let’s take a moment to reflect on the accomplishments of the Trump White House administration. During his four years in office, President Trump worked hard to improve the U.S. economy, enacting historic tax cuts, deregulating businesses, and creating numerous job opportunities. He also worked to address the ongoing border crisis, implementing policies to secure our borders and protect American citizens. And let’s not forget about his efforts to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, including the successful deployment of vaccines in record time.

While the left may try to downplay these accomplishments, they are undeniable. The Trump administration proved that putting America first and prioritizing common sense policies can lead to real progress. The Biden administration would do well to take note.

In summary, the podcaster’s comments about Biden’s cabinet as a “f—— sideshow of diversity” isn’t about being racist or sexist – it’s about calling out the left’s dangerous obsession with identity politics at the expense of competency. It’s time for America to focus on hiring the most qualified individuals for the job, regardless of race, gender, or any other characteristic. And let’s not forget the many accomplishments of the Trump White House administration, which serve as a testament to the power of putting America first.

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