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“The Police State Is Here” – Dan Bongino Rips the Upcoming Trump Arrest (VIDEO)

“The Police State Is Here” – Dan Bongino Rips the Upcoming Trump Arrest (VIDEO)

In recent times, the term “police state” has been thrown around a lot, and it seems to be the new buzzword for describing America’s current political climate. The debate about whether or not America is moving towards a police state has become a hot topic. Dan Bongino, a former Secret Service Agent, believes the police state is here, and his primary evidence is the upcoming arrest of former President Donald Trump.

Bongino who has been a visible presence in Conservative media platforms and advocated for the arrest of suspects involved in the controversial 2020 presidential election believes the arrest of former President Donald Trump would signify the beginning of a police state in America. He argues that the push by various actors, including the media and politicians, to arrest the former president is a direct attack on democracy and the rule of law.

In this article, we will explore Dan Bongino’s reasoning and analyze why some people believe a police state is imminent in America.

What Is A Police State And How Does It Manifest?

The term “police state” is often described as a government that uses excessive surveillance, strong-arm tactics, and suppression of free speech to maintain control over its citizens. The signs of a police state often include widespread monitoring of social media and internet activities, the militarization of police forces, invasive search and seizure practices, and the suppression of free speech.

The United States of America has often been praised as a beacon of democracy, and many people believe that the country’s political institutions are responsible for protecting the freedoms of its citizens. However, over the past few decades, some observers have noticed an increasing trend towards authoritarianism in the country. They point to the rise of government surveillance, the expansion of police powers, the crackdown on privacy, and the growing obsession with “security” as signs of an impending police state.

Dan Bongino argues that the arrest of Donald Trump would be the ultimate manifestation of the police state in America. He believes that the exercise of power against a former president would be a clear effort to intimidate American citizens and clamp down on free speech.

Why Bongino Believes A Police State Is Imminent In America

Dan Bongino cites several reasons why he believes America is heading towards a police state. He believes that the current political climate in America is fueling the rise of lawless behavior and authoritarian tactics. Here are some of the reasons that Bongino believes a police state is imminent in America:

1. The Growing Power Of The Deep State

The term “deep state” is a popular topic in the media, and it refers to the network of unelected government officials and bureaucrats who wield enormous power behind the scenes. According to Dan Bongino, the deep state is a powerful entity within the American political system, and it is responsible for the erosion of democratic institutions in the country.

Bongino believes that the deep state is working to undermine the authority of President Donald Trump and prevent him from making meaningful changes to the American political system. He argues that the deep state is responsible for the rampant corruption, the abuse of power, and the cover-ups that have plagued the country in recent times.

2. The Propaganda Machine

Dan Bongino believes that the mainstream media in America is a powerful propaganda machine that is working to push a left-wing agenda. He argues that the media promotes a narrative that is anti-Trump and anti-Conservative, and this is fueling the rise of authoritarianism in America.

For example, Bongino points to the media’s coverage of the 2020 presidential election, which he claims was biased against Donald Trump. He alleges that the media purposefully ignored evidence of voter fraud and irregularities in the election, which ultimately led to Trump’s defeat.

3. The Cancel Culture

Dan Bongino believes that the cancel culture that has taken root in America is a significant threat to free speech and democracy. Cancel culture refers to the act of publicly shaming and boycotting individuals who express opinions that are not aligned with the prevailing cultural norms or the progressive Left’s agenda.

Bongino argues that cancel culture is used as a tool to silence dissenting voices and promote an authoritarian agenda. For example, he cites the cancel culture’s role in the ousting of conservative voices from social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

4. The Radical Left

According to Bongino, the rise of the radical Left in America is a significant threat to democracy and the rule of law. He argues that the left-wing agenda is based on identity politics, political correctness, and the promotion of socialist policies.

Bongino believes that the radical Left is using its power to promote authoritarianism, silence dissent, and promote cultural Marxism. He cites the rise of Black Lives Matter and Antifa as examples of the radical Left’s influence in America.

Why The Arrest Of Donald Trump Would Be Seen As A Milestone For A Police State

While Dan Bongino does not support violence or insurrection, he believes that the arrest of Donald Trump would signify a tipping point in America’s political climate. Bongino argues that such an arrest would be a direct attack on the rule of law and send a clear message to American citizens – that the government has the power to silence dissent.

He believes that the media and politicians are using the threat of arrest to intimidate Trump supporters and conservative voices. In Bongino’s view, the attempt to silence Trump would not only be an attack on the former president but also on democracy and freedom of speech.

Bongino posits that if the government can imprison a former president and make it illegal to disagree with the government, America will be propelled into a true police state. The move would be a dangerous precedent, setting the stage for more assaults on American civil liberties in the future.

Is The United States At The Threshold Of A Police State?

The debate about whether or not America is at the threshold of a police state is a controversial and complex one. While some people, like Dan Bongino, believe that the country is on the verge of becoming a totalitarian state, others argue that such fears are unwarranted.

Some observers argue that America’s political institutions are robust enough to withstand any attack on democracy, whether from the Left or the Right. They point to the country’s Constitution and Bill of Rights as evidence that America is and will remain a democracy.


Dan Bongino’s warning that the police state is here in America raises some valid concerns about the country’s political climate. However, only time will tell if America is, in fact, headed towards a police state. Regardless, it is essential for citizens, activists, and policymakers to have meaningful discussions about the issues raised by Bongino and ensure that the country remains a vibrant democracy with robust civil liberties.

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