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The photo that will win Trump the presidency in 2024…

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The regime puppets in Georgia are downright giddy after impeaching President Trump. The DA even brought it up in her press conference after she called for President Trump, the current front-runner in the 2024 election, to “surrender.”

What they are doing is electoral interference and collusion.

Hillary Clinton is clearly upset about the recent indictment, as is propaganda artist Rachel Maddow. Both women and many other Dems have spent more than five years spreading countless lies about the legitimacy of the election. Hillary even paid big bucks to spread election lies in the form of a fake Russian dossier.

Now they are laughing that the leading candidate in the 2024 election is being unfairly targeted by a politicized and armed justice system. These two laughing idiots think it’s funny that the USA now looks like North Korea and the voters no longer have a voice. This is how these elites hate you.

While the left busies itself with its own supply, thinking it has finally found the “silver bullet” to take down President Trump once and for all, and reveling in its supposed victory, the people American watches this tyrannical power in horror. to take Poll after poll shows that Americans see these unfair and unethical attacks on Trump as purely politically motivated, which is why Trump 2024 poll numbers are rising. They’re poised to go even higher if Georgia goes ahead with its next plan. According to the regime’s stooges in Georgia, they intend to force Trump, a former US president who donated his salary to charity, to pose for a police photo. It’s an image they hope to spread far and wide in an effort to degrade and humiliate him.

The left again misjudges the pulse of the nation. This photo could very well cement Trump’s victory in 2024, and no amount of cheating or vote-picking will bail them out this time.



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