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The Pfizer ghouls don’t know when to stop

The Pfizer ghouls don’t know when to stop

Pfizer posted a tweet at midnight last night that reads: “Vaccines they are one of modern medicine’s greatest success stories, having eradicated smallpox, nearly eliminated polio, and reduced other diseases to record low numbers of infections. What exactly do they do?”

The purpose of the publication is to put a positive spin on vaccines. To aid in this goal, the post is accompanied by a photo of a cute young African-American grinning wildly and flexing his bandaged left arm in a show of strength. The image was intended to convey the message: “I may be small, but I’m strong because I had the guts to get the vaccine!” The post has had 1 million views so far.

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What I saw is a little boy who was brutally and dangerously injected with a potentially fatal poison for the purpose of tricking other people into injecting themselves with the same poison. The most vivid reaction I had was the thought, “Maybe they just killed this kid for a picture.”

Maybe it’s a prop Band-Aid, and the kid didn’t shoot him. This is entirely possible. However, the message they sent is the problem. The message says the boy was shot and has no idea how dangerous he is. I feel sorry for the child, whether he is a child model or a real “client”, because of how he was used for an evil purpose, regardless of the consequences to his health or the health of those who see the announcement

The comments are, at least the ones I saw, 100% against Pfizer. The post somehow got 156 likes (out of a million views), maybe from Pfizer’s marketing team, but they sure didn’t get those likes from the people who commented. Here are some samples:

“Murderer” @Arne29061117 (707 likes)

Stop buying from companies that hate you, change your spending

“Go to jail.” (accompanied by Jordan Trishton Walker’s Project Veritas video) @_Cars0n_ (4,473 likes)

@pfizer it’s bad company. Every Pfizer executive belongs in a prison cell.” @RealHumanPerson (449 likes)

“Judgment and public hanging would not be enough.” @Antonia89730114 (501 likes)

“Go straight to jail. You don’t pass Go.” @darreljorstad (1,381 likes)

“Blood Money” @DegenNeckbeard (514 likes)

“The pitchforks are coming” @K52822530 (346 likes)

“Genocidal Nazis.” @McClamAHam (609 likes)

Your company should be investigated and they should be prosecuted and put in jail a lot. One of the most disgusting companies on the planet. #Pfizer #PfizerExposed” @FreeRebel69

“ASSASSINS!” @NicoleC77823828

The answers continue like this until the end. One of the most interesting responses was a mockup of a People magazine cover. Contains a photo of Dr. Anthony Fauci and the text, “anthony fauci THE MOST PROLIFIC SERIAL KILLER OF ALL TIME. How did we not know?”

The creativity of some of the responses is to be commended, but it’s a shame that the impulse isn’t in check. People in this country and around the world are expressing their frustration on Twitter. They are frustrated that Pfizer continues to harm people on a global scale without meaningful controls on its operations and without any sign of accountability for its actions.

If the responses I’ve quoted, and others like them, are an accurate reflection of people’s mood, Pfizer won’t last long. For them, the best possible scenario at this point is an investigation and jail for everyone connected to the humanitarian disaster known as “covid-19 vaccines”. According to current legislation, it is possible that some of those involved will be executed. This is because murder by poison is always first degree premeditated murder. This is the best case scenario.

The worst case scenario is that the people of the world get so frustrated with corrupt law enforcement and the judiciary that they take it upon themselves. The wave of anger that started by forcing dangerous injections on people has metastasized into hatred now that it is known that Pfizer and others involved were aware of the dangers and pushed it anyway. People can forgive an honest mistake, but this is not an honest mistake.

Pfizer’s recent post/announcement was an honest mistake. They didn’t realize how stupid it is to antagonize your victims after knowing what you did last summer. That part was an honest mistake. The rest is a perfidious attempt to continue the masquerade, to keep the money rolling, even if the train carrying that money has to roll over the corpses of countless vaccine victims.

Last night, I watched the video of Jordan Trishton Walker assaulting James O’Keefe and his crew. It was pathetic. Walker reminded me of William H. Macy’s character in Fargo, a cowardly car salesman who had indirectly caused the deaths of several people by covering up a small-scale fraud he committed. At the end of the movie, he is in a cheap hotel room. The police come for him. He tries to escape by moving through a small window in the bathroom. The police grab his legs and pull him back. He screams like a pig, terrified. It was Walker last night, and I felt sorry for him.

Walker had spilled the beans on what may be the most catastrophic crime against humanity ever committed. He knew it and he knew he had been caught. He didn’t know what to do so he lashed out and grabbed an iPad and smashed it on the floor in a futile attempt to destroy what he had said. The world had seen it, and it was too late to put that genie back in the bottle. He squatted on the floor of a pizzeria, a broken iPad in his hands, terrified as the realization of what he had done came crashing down on him. This was not the proud Yale graduate who went on to a successful medical career.

One young woman I spoke to had no sympathy. It reminded me that Walker had participated in the murder of countless hundreds of thousands of people (or more). The responses we see in Pfizer’s feed are no aberration. Not only do they reflect the mood of the people, but the mood expressed is probably underestimated.

One way or another, Pfizer will not survive this.

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