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The New York Times Strikes Back with Blatant Propaganda After Judge’s ‘First Amendment’ Rebuke of Biden…

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On Tuesday, July 4 (fittingly), a U.S. district judge appointed by President Trump put a stop to the Biden administration’s attempt to play Internet police. The judge believes the regime likely crossed the line with the First Amendment by trying to squash what they like to call “disinformation” on social media. Now, thanks to this first major ruling, the government is being forced to back down when it comes to policing what is said online.

Wall Street Journal:

In a 155-page ruling issued Tuesday, U.S. District Judge Terry Doughty of Louisiana barred White House officials and several federal agencies from contacting social media companies for the purpose of suppressing political opinions and other normally protected speech. of government censorship.

The judge’s mandate came in a lawsuit spearheaded by Republican attorneys general in Missouri and Louisiana that alleged the Biden administration fostered an expanding “federal censorship enterprise.” The federal government, the suit claimed, pressured social media platforms to remove unfavorable views on Covid-19 health policies, the origins of the pandemic, the Hunter Biden laptop story, election security and others sensitive issues.

The case is among the most potentially consequential First Amendment battles pending in court, testing the limits of government control of social media content on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and other major platforms.

Judge Doughty criticized the regime in his ruling, claiming they created a “dystopian” scenario.

“[T]the evidence produced thus far presents an almost dystopian scenario,” Judge Doughty wrote. “During the COVID-19 pandemic, a period perhaps best characterized by widespread doubt and uncertainty, the United States government appears to have assumed a role akin to an Orwellian ‘ministry of truth'”.

The judge said the plaintiffs “have presented substantial evidence in support of their claims that they were the victims of a far-reaching and widespread censorship campaign.”

What the regime did under the guise of “controlling disinformation” was particularly egregious, as many of the so-called “conspiracy theories” related to COVID-19 and the vaccine have turned out to be true. However, even if all these theories were pure nonsense, it is irrelevant. Americans have a right to express their opinions. The government’s role is not to regulate the Internet.

In response to this bombshell decision, Biden’s media battalion swung into action, coming out in full force to protect the regime. The New York Times took the lead on that charge, dishing out some of its most brazen and unapologetic propaganda yet claiming the ruling could hamper the Biden regime’s efforts to “restrict disinformation.” Yes, God willing, NYT, because we’ve all had enough of Biden’s babysitting regime.

Here’s what Charlie Kirk had to say about the New York Times’ reaction to the ruling in a tweet:

Instead of simply reporting the facts that a federal judge just issued an injunction in Missouri v Biden preventing this administration from outsourcing its censorship regime to social media companies, The New York Times describes it as “a sentence that could reduce efforts to fight disinformation.” Pure propaganda!

Here’s a close-up of the New York Times article.


By now we should be used to this kind of media propaganda, but somehow it still manages to stun. The once respected Old Gray Lady has thrown away every bit of her dignity and credibility.



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