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The most invasive technology spying on you is this unexpected (and massive) piece of equipment.

It’s an interesting time to be a digital citizen in 2023. The rise of artificial intelligence (AI), smart homes and cities, centralized and decentralized currencies, and autonomous systems should give us pause for thought. consider how fast technology is intensifying, and what it is. means for human experience.

Yet we increasingly integrate technology into our daily lives, clamoring for the latest iPhone, wearable device, electric vehicle, watching TikTok and focusing on ChatGPT.

For better or worse, our continued use of technology allows companies to capture and leverage our data to build smarter systems. This is how Spotify (SPOT) – Get a free report and social media can make the best recommendations for you. Algorithms are trained to understand our fingerprints and identify our tendencies so that they understand us better and allow us to return.

However, not everyone is so fond of data collection, and some are even convinced that big data collection companies harbor malice. And a recent study by the Mozilla Foundation finds that some of the most invasive data they host comes from where you least expect it.

If you’re worried about your phone or Amazon ( AMZN ) — Get a free report that Alexa devices can hear you, that may not be your main concern. And if you’ve ever left your car for a private conversation, we’ve got even worse news for you.

According to Mozilla’s findings, cars are the worst places for privacy invasions. All 25 car brands the foundation tested found respectable levels of privacy breaches.


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