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The MI Attorney General should be impeached immediately for his “Whitmer Kidnapping” Jury Statement….

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It’s no secret that Dana Nessel, the angry lesbian Attorney General of Michigan, is a vicious Trump hater. Governor Gretchen Whitmer has assembled an entire “Seal Team” of bored women to run Michigan, and as a result, the state is falling apart. However, what Dana Nessel just did regarding the recent Whitmer kidnapping jury goes beyond the typical hysterical emotions we’ve come to expect with liberal women and President Trump. We are now venturing into prohibited fiscal conduct which, in a serious country, would result in Nessel’s immediate removal from office.

This latest blow to our judicial system revolves around the recent acquittal of three men caught up in the federal government’s attempt to stage a “kidnapping” of Gretchen Whitmer. The whole case unraveled, mainly because of the significant presence of federal agents and informants compared to the actual “bad guys”. It amounted to nothing more than an FBI entrapment scheme, and that was obvious to many jurors.

When the last three men (out of a total of 14 defendants) were found not guilty, Attorney General Dana Nessel did the unthinkable. She viciously attacked the jury, claiming that the only reason the three men were acquitted was because the jury was made up of “right-wing extremists”. This statement is more than outrageous; it is a serious breach of trust and integrity and raises serious questions about Nessel’s ability to hold office.


Michigan’s attorney general suggested conservative politics played a role in the acquittal of three men in the final trial related to a plot to kidnap Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer.

Dana Nessel, also a Democrat, told a liberal panel Monday that the trial was held in a “very right-wing county.”

He said Friday’s verdicts were “perplexing, confusing but terrifying.” The Detroit News obtained a video of Nessel’s remarks to a group called Protectors of Equality in Government.

It is rare for a prosecutor, or even a defense attorney, to publicly question a juror’s motivation. Unlike Nessel, the U.S. Justice Department did not blame ideology for two federal acquittals last year in the same investigation.

But it gets worse, folks. Nessel then proceeded to draw a comparison between Antrim County and Ingham County, where his office filed felony charges against 16 Republicans who signed a “false certificate” after the 2020 presidential election in an effort to challenge the so-called victory of Democrat Joe Biden. “These cases will ultimately go to trial in Ingham County, which is distinctly different from Antrim County,” Nessel. he remarked. “Ingham County, seat of Lansing, leans heavily Democratic.”

What Dana said about the case of the 16 Trump electors should be grounds for immediate dismissal.

He also admitted that Trump’s alternative voters acted with a genuine belief that Trump won Michigan and that it was stolen from him, which calls into question how he can prove his intent in this allegedly upcoming trial.

Detroit News:

Nessel also said Michigan’s fake voters had been “brainwashed” into “really” believing Trump won the 2020 Michigan presidential election.

“They legitimately believe it. They truly believe it,” Nessel said during his comments, according to the video.

Nessel announced eight felony counts, including forgery, against each of the 16 bogus voters in July. Kevin Kijewski, the attorney for one of the voters, Clifford Frost of Warren, said Nessel’s statements, saying there was a belief Trump won, could cause a problem for his office’s ability to prove that the electors intended to defraud when they signed the certificate.

“This just shows that the prosecutor is acting politically,” Kijewski said.

In all of her recent statements, Nessel underscores the sinister and deeply politically motivated nature of the left’s relentless pursuit of power, and she should be removed from office for the politicized neck. Their priorities do not align with justice in the state of Michigan; instead, he seems to focus solely on political revenge.



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