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The French are not happy – The Donald – America First

The French are not happy – The Donald – America First

exactly The prime minister is just a pawn. Some context if you’re wondering: 60+ years ago, how our constitution was created, the president was elected for 7 years and the parliament for 5. The president would “preside” and not run the nation, that was the prime minister’s job. So a vote of no confidence had some teeth, because the prime minister is fired. About 20 years ago, we changed that. The president is elected for 5 years and the parliament is elected right after him. So, effectively, the president always has a majority and runs the government. The position of prime minister is no longer necessary. And in fact, since then, the cabinet has largely become politically irrelevant, full of losers, idiots and, most of all, diversity hires. Everything is really run by Macron and his financial backers, who are totally untouchable.

TLDR: Macron is not leaving, and the French can push it.

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