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The “establishment” strikes back

The “establishment” strikes back

Each “second-string” Republican presidential candidate must be asked one question and no other, with only a “Yes or No” answer accepted. They need to take an unequivocal position on whether or not they believe the 2020 election was stolen on election day and early the next morning. And Ramaswamy falls short of being “clever” and gets it wrong by saying he was robbed by deleting information about Hunter weeks before the election.

Of course, none of them will admit to the blatantly corrupt actions we all saw as the polls were “locked down,” the Republican election judges forced out of the room, and only the Democrats are left to tabulate the ballots. not controlled, trucks loaded with “ballot”. “, falling short in crucial places, the counts stopped simultaneously in the six “swing states” (but in none of the others) where President Trump was comfortably ahead, only to reopen with Biden apparently taking leading by thin margins in all six.. And the list of blatant and indefensible corruption goes on!

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So for these “Republicans” to deny stealing the election after all of this, we can only assume that they are okay with the election being stolen if doing so could serve their political advantage. They can no longer be counted on to fight for the Constitution and the Rule of Law when it is not politically expedient to do so or if they face a backlash to the nightly fake news.

However, this is only the beginning of the damage done to the Nation by his treachery and pragmatism. Given the circumstances of November 2020, consider what an actual Biden “win” would indicate. Even then, Ol’ Joe could barely complete a sentence and was obviously fed “talking points” in real time. On a few occasions, he repeated instructions out loud, clearly unable to discern whether he was supposed to speak them or obey them. His campaign rallies drew little or no audience, with participants obviously selected and paid to participate. Meanwhile, Americans showed up by the tens of thousands to hear President Trump speak.

Therefore, if Biden had actually won, we would have to conclude that the Nation actually preferred Obama’s “third term” in the quagmire of socialism and third-world misery to Donald Trump’s wildly successful programs of “Making America Great Again “. And this alternative “reality,” picked up by the RINO candidates, would mean they would be forced to reverse course on Trump’s agenda. They certainly couldn’t win with that. After all, according to their own claims of an “honest” 2020 election, America had roundly turned its back on the MAGA movement, giving the decrepit Biden and his left-wing stooges the necessary mandate to turn our nation into Cuba and Venezuela.

Of course, for these second-string candidates to acknowledge that the election was indeed stolen, by default, they would be admitting that it is up to President Trump to claim to rectify the criminality, corruption, and betrayal that we witnessed on November 3rd. and 4, 2020. Apparently, these “Republicans” are more comfortable accepting this criminality, corruption, and treason than taking a stand to confront and rectify it for the sake of those crude, annoying rednecks known as the ” We, the people.” .”

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So the question must be asked, “What are these RINOs and so many others within the GOP ‘Establishment’ really doing?” And it is this disturbing response that Americans need to muster the courage to face and the resolve to correct. What we are seeing is the culmination of a long and drawn out battle within the Republican Party for dominance, the two factions being the “Business as usual” crowd from inside the Beltway Swamp (sewer) and the conservative base.

For years, this confrontation has been simmering, with RINOs regularly backstabbing true conservatives and leading them to defeat. Then, in a blatant political “handshake”, these same RINOs suddenly revert to “Reagan’s Eleventh Commandment” (Thou shalt not criticize a fellow Republican), citing it completely out of context to demand that conservatives join them to get their favorite “Establishment” candidates to the finish line. And for years, conservatives have played along.

In 2016, Donald Trump swept to victory and loudly proclaimed, “No more!” Since then, he has been in the crosshairs of all the major “Republican” players inside the Beltway with a yearning to return to the benefits and comfort of “Business as usual” DC. And that’s on top of the assaults he faced from openly anti-American left-wing Democrats.

To understand how far the Republican “establishment” has been willing to sink, consider that these 2024 presidential hopefuls are perfectly fine with all the bogus “impeachments” and other leftist/globalist efforts to keep the president trump off the ticket. Like vultures, they are circling and waiting. And if the utterly corrupt and lawless “system” somehow manages to disqualify him, meaning that despotic third-world political attacks are now the norm for America, these candidates will be thoroughly invigorated as they they return to the favorite position.

This is the real explanation for the second bogus “impeachment” and the recent efforts by so-called “Republicans” in Colorado to keep President Trump off the ballot in that state. All outward signs provide ample evidence that President Trump not only won comfortably in 2020, but that, barring even more extensive cheating, he can do so in 2024. Of course, his attackers claim that this is “ the rule of law and the Constitution”. they are strangely silent on Obama’s rampant and treasonous lawlessness during his first two terms, as well as currently, as he pulls the strings of his sock puppet, Ol’ Joe.

As for the Constitution, never forget that these are the same people who, when its directives for America to be a Representative Republic become inconvenient to the leftist agenda, suddenly declare it a “living document” and, on on this basis, they claim a license. to completely ignore it.

Outrage, lawlessness and hypocrisy are the pillars of the current federal government and they will not be fixed. The situation will only be done from the outside. That’s what’s at stake in 2024.

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