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The essential missing component of American self-government

The essential missing component of American self-government

As the insanity of the Democratic Left wreaks ever greater havoc on our nation, it is important that we realize that fixing the problem requires determining the root cause. Otherwise, our efforts to deal with it are akin to trying to cure cancer only by removing the most recently discovered tumor. So far, we’ve tried to deal with the symptoms, which at best means “damage control” as long as we can achieve majority status. And given how bad the corruption in the “system” has gotten, along with the willingness of the left-wing Fake News crowd to shamelessly lie about it, trying to fix the latest attacks is getting harder and harder.

While it is very true of all patriots with a basic understanding of America that our nation is not a “democracy” but a representative republic, the goal of the founders was to structure government in a way that would ultimately responsible not to a “ruling class”. ”, but to the people. This approach to law and justice was a drastic departure from everything that had preceded it. And the result was a Nation that grew and flourished far above any other power on earth, achieving that status in a surprisingly short period of time.

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However, the founders foresaw a potentially fatal trap that, if left unchecked, could spell the doom of the American experiment. John Adams warned of this in one of his most famous quotes: “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly unfit for the government of any other.” In essence, he said that government “of the people, by the people, and for the people” would fail and ultimately fail if the basic moral principles of right and wrong were not upheld. This condition would require cultural cohesion, which emphasized the Judeo-Christian principles upon which the Founders forged our great Country.

Abraham Lincoln saw the potential for an insurmountable rift in the nation over the defining issue of human slavery. It was with this understanding that he referred to the Gospel of Luke with his warning that “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” Lincoln understood that slavery reflected a moral chasm between those who condemned it as evil and those who accepted it out of tradition and pragmatism. While the freedom of enslaved Americans was essential in the direct sense of the founding precepts of liberty and justice, it was also a physical impossibility for The Nation to move forward with such a wide ideological divide.

These very principles of basic good and evil threaten to create a fault between us that cannot be overcome by any effort other than brute force. What we have seen in our elections, long before we reached the current state of gross corruption and manipulation, is a cycle of intermittent dominance of one party over the other, at least to the extent that sincere conservatives in the office have gathered the will to oppose the status quo. Then, in the next electoral cycle, the opposition gains dominance, and the entire direction of the country is reversed.

In the past, the major political parties may have had their differences over the specifics of how best to advance the interests of the American people, but since the Civil War there has been no question about whose they were ultimately loyal All of this began to fail with the institutionalized moral degradation of humanity in “Roe vs. Wade,” and while Ronald Reagan tried to repair the breach, he had limited power to do so.

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At the same time, the traditional family, which had been the “firewall” against cultural degradation, was in the left’s sights. For this attack to succeed, “traditional” (Judeo-Christian) values ​​of good and evil had to be undermined and supplanted by the perversions of the counterculture. The basic precepts of the American ideal were denigrated and marginalized under the guise of “multiculturalism.” Even the Church has become fractured and infiltrated with concepts diametrically opposed to any principle on which it was founded, to the point that many denominations are now openly hostile to the precepts of Scripture.

When Bill Clinton took office, the notion of a cohesive American culture was being systematically dismantled by the Democratic machine. And their attacks on the American fabric overflowed under the treacherous administration of Barack Obama. In a rare moment of candor, Obama promised to “fundamentally transform” the Nation. The havoc, suffering, deprivation and trampling of basic rights since then is a direct consequence of their agenda. Yes! He “built this”.

Yet these open enemies of all that is decent and worthy in this country would never have been able to rise to high office, with their transparent condescension and contempt, if their moral and ideological barriers had not been thoroughly decimated. The cultural attacks on America, which began in earnest in the 1960s, are bearing toxic fruit on a scale never before seen. And it’s all absolutely intentional.

The notion of a national agenda with any coherence emerging between such disparate ideologies, some of which are malignant and violent, is beyond reason. The erratic and chaotic reorientation that occurs every few years is destroying not only the integrity of domestic life and business, but is making foreign policy an absolute nightmare. American engagement with allies has lost all trust and credibility, Afghanistan being the most glaring example. How can other nations trust a regime whose leadership can veer from freedom and justice to Marxism and globalism practically overnight after the latest stolen election?

President Trump has highlighted some major areas where definite changes need to be made if we are to have any hope of resurrecting this nation. He categorically assures that it is essential that electoral integrity be restored. Otherwise, the outcome of each subsequent political contest will inevitably be determined by the candidate with the most corrupt political apparatus at his disposal. And we all know which party fits that mold. In addition, the entire “educational” system must be thoroughly reviewed. The total implosion and abandonment of real academics in government schools, despite great cost to taxpayers, is overshadowed by the degree of perverse indoctrination and propaganda inflicted on young people in its place.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, known for her outspokenness, suggests a “national divorce.” This is the essence of the “house divided” against which Lincoln warned with grave assurance. Given that the leftist regions could not sustain a commodity and subsistence infrastructure without leaving out those who plant crops, build bridges, and fight wars, this course would quickly lead to violence and bloodshed.

The only chance for Americans to find true “common ground” is if we restore our guiding principles as Americans!

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