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The Democratic senator makes a major bet against the US economy as he publicly praises Bidenomics |

Financial records of Delaware Democratic Sen. Tom Carper, a top Joe Biden ally, reveal his wife made a big bet against US stock markets while singing the praises of Bidenomics.

According to the Chuck Ross of the Washington Free Beacon:

Carper, a member of the Senate Finance Committee, revealed this week that his wife on July 13 bought up to $95,000 in shares of the Ranger Equity Bear ETF and ProShares Short QQQ. The Carpers made a similar low bet on the economy last year by buying up to $110,000 in the Ranger Equity Bear ETF.

The Ranger Equity Bear ETF is an actively managed fund that bets against US stocks, while the ProShares Short QQQ is designed to produce the opposite return to the tech-heavy NASDAQ index.

The trades suggest that Carper, who once punched his ex-wife in the face to give her a black eye, has a much more negative view of the economy than he publicly admits. On May 25, Carper said that “thanks to POTUS, our economy is resilient and growing stronger every day.” Months earlier, on Oct. 7, he attributed a “tremendous” increase in jobs to Biden’s “leadership.”

While the number of jobs has remained high, there are signs that economic trouble is looming on the horizon. Credit rating agency Fitch downgraded the US government’s credit rating on Tuesday, citing “fiscal deterioration” and “eroding confidence in fiscal management.”

The downgrade was the second to occur in US history, the previous being in 2011 under Barack Obama’s watch.

The jobs numbers were less than expected today as the economy picked up 187,000 jobs in Julyaccording to the Department of Labor.


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