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The conservatives of the house flirt with the shutdown: ‘So be it’ |

Congress is moving to fund the government ahead of a Sept. 30 deadline as the threat of a shutdown looms, but for some conservatives in the House, a shutdown isn’t much of a threat.

A handful of hard-line Republicans are rejecting — or even embracing — the possibility of a shutdown, arguing that shutting down the government is more acceptable than allowing the country to continue on its current spending trajectory.

“If a shutdown occurs, so be it if they won’t adhere to what [Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.)] accepted, that he’s starting on a path of financial security, which we don’t have,” Rep. Ralph Norman (RS.C.) told The Hill in an interview.

Rep. Bob Good (R-Va.), who said in July that “we shouldn’t fear a government shutdown,” went even further when he spoke to The Hill last week.


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