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The climate cult’s vegan banquet is interrupted by pranksters who give them a taste of their own medicine [VIDEOS]

The climate cult’s vegan banquet is interrupted by pranksters who give them a taste of their own medicine [VIDEOS]

The disruptors, activists from the counter-group “Just Stop Pissing Everyone Off” (JSPEO), released numerous helium balloons carrying ear-piercing personal safety sirens. The devices set off audible alarms as the balloons floated toward the ceiling, disrupting the meal and shocking attendees.

Pieters, 29, said on Twitter: “Spent the last few days undercover with Just Stop Oil. Today they had a party to ‘celebrate’ their achievements, and we were there, giving them a taste of their own medicine.”

Manners, 30, added her thoughts on the issue: “Climate change is the biggest crisis facing our generation, but if we want to solve it, we have to work together. JSO’s tactics over the past 18 months have not worked; in fact, people across the country are being turned away from this vital cause as a result of their protests. The people at JSO are well-intentioned, but they’re doing it wrong. Preventing mothers from reaching the ‘hospital or ruining people’s day at snooker is not doing anything to tackle climate change.’

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Just Stop Oil tried to spin the disruption as a metaphor for climate change, claiming: “We invited them to eat with us, but the alarms that went off at our banquet were the perfect metaphor for the urgency of the climate crisis.”

However, it’s not just pranksters who have had enough of the group’s radical tactics. Recently, the public has taken to pushing the protesters, and even England wicketkeeper Jonny Bairstow removed an activist from the hallowed turf at Lord’s. Last month, a boisterous stag party countered JSO’s message by chanting “we love you oil, we do” near Waterloo station, demonstrating growing public discontent with the group’s disruptive actions.

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