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The Biden regime deploys an entire government strategy to cover up its crimes [VIDEO]

The Biden regime deploys an entire government strategy to cover up its crimes [VIDEO]

Jesse Watters sat down with Miranda Devine, veteran New York Post columnist and author of “Laptop From Hell,” to delve into the ongoing Biden investigation. This discussion addressed the implications of the recent appointment of David Weiss as special counsel and what that means for the Biden crime family and the broader political landscape.

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Watters began by acknowledging Devine’s rigorous reporting on the matter, stating, “You’ve seen the ups and downs, the snake around justice this last one, and it’s a snake move. Put that into perspective for us.” .

Devine, always forthright in her analysis, likened the situation to “putting the fox in charge of the henhouse.” Noting that Weiss had been instrumental in securing a “sweetheart deal” for Hunter Biden, he pointed to the snail-paced investigation that shielded Joe Biden from any serious charges, particularly regarding the Ukraine-Burisma scandal. He went on to highlight the significant contributions of IRS whistleblowers Joseph Ziegler and Gary Shapley, labeling them “heroes” for their role in pushing for accountability.

When Watters noted the remarkable speed with which the special counsel was appointed…just a day later Oversight Chairman James Comer’s announcement to quote members of the Biden familyDevine replied sharply. “This is their way of trying to close ranks and protect them,” he noted.

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Delving into the political dynamics at play, Watters expressed concern about the magnitude of the agencies now involved in defending the Biden crime family. From the Justice Department to the FBI, the CIA, and even the White House itself, the entire government machinery seems to have “circled the wagons,” as he put it.

Devine drew parallels with historical cover-ups, suggesting that the more complex the deception becomes, the more entities will be entangled in its wake. He stressed that despite the overwhelming power at their disposal and the media’s propensity to cover it up, the evidence against the Bidens is too substantial to ignore. Reflecting on past incidents, he warned against allowing Democrats to divert attention from their actions, concluding with a cautionary note: “We must be bitten once, twice shy and not fall into this again old trick.”

This discussion is emblematic of the myriad political, legal and ethical issues that have arisen in the shadow of these investigations. As the saga continues to unfold, the nation watches with bated breath, waiting for clarity and justice. He may doubt that justice will ever be done.

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