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That Disney you grew up with is dead…

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The Disney of your childhood is dead and gone, buried by woke women, spineless men and a globalist movement bent on turning children into little gendered zombie soldiers for the LGBTQ+++ army.

This calculated move by the globalists is not surprising; after all, Disney is an American icon founded by a patriot who was deeply opposed to communism. Plus, they discovered that it’s much more efficient to indoctrinate kids while they’re still in diapers than to wait until they’re college age, so arming Disney made a lot of sense.

But Disney’s grand plans are failing. Contrary to popular belief, they are not establishing a progressive paradise where misguided feminists and gender-confused children predominate. Instead, the company is experiencing a complete implosion that includes box office failure, declining park attendance, and widespread backlash. His most critical misstep? The live-action adaptation of “Snow White,” which has become a focal point of bipartisan and international scorn, especially against its lead actress, Rachel Zegler.

Once it was revealed that the film’s Snow White isn’t actually white, and that the Seven Dwarfs have been recast as medium-sized, ethnically diverse social activists, anger grew. Zegler made matters worse by criticizing the much-loved original film and painting Prince Charming as a “creepy stalker.” But that wasn’t all. In reality, the backlash is still coming “fast and furious” style against Disney and the insufferable Zegler.

As if it wasn’t troubling enough that this insufferable actress criticized the original film and its timeless message of love that conquers all, her idea of ​​”female empowerment” is now coming into focus. According to Rachel Zegler, being a “strong modern woman” involves taking selfies while making obscene gestures and sharing them on social media as a badge of honor. A delicious lesson for girls, don’t you agree, parents?

Can you believe this is the same woman who snubbed the original Disney classic? Zegler, who now represents Disney, equates vulgarity, anger and loneliness with the “strength” of women. The feminist movement is so misguided and misguided that it has lost sight of its own identity and the soft, nurturing quality that makes women so incredibly special and vital to this world. Disney has fallen into a feminist abyss of misandry and vulgarity, and they have strayed so far from the magical foundations upon which their empire was built, unless they do a complete U-turn and quickly return to their roots, their legacy will it withers and will die faster. than a princess who eats a poisonous apple.



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