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Texas ranchers just defeated Beijing billionaire who bought 130,000 acres of US land |

There is a strange and very troubling trend happening here in the US where wealthy investors from China are buying up acres and acres of land and real estate here in the United States. That’s pretty concerning, given the fact that inventory is incredibly scarce right now, driving up prices and eliminating opportunities for hard-working Americans to own a home.

Well, a group of Texas ranchers is tackling that problem head-on, and they’re just about to kick out a Chinese billionaire with connections to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) who has bought up more than 130,000 acres of farmland in the state.

From the Daily Mail:

Sun Guangxin, who has extensive ties to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), paid an estimated $110 million for parts of Texas real estate between 2016 and 2018 in an unprecedented foreign land grab in the state of ‘lone star’

But understands he has now sold the most controversial part of his portfolio, a 15,000-acre ranch that included plans for a 46-turbine wind farm, and plans to offload the rest of his vast Texas empire.

Opponents of the wind farm say it would give the former Chinese military captain access to the state electricity grid, posing a potential risk to energy security given Sun’s well-documented loyalty to the Chinese state.

The fight is far from over, however, with activists claiming ongoing deals could allow the billionaire to retain a stake in the property, providing Beijing with a backdoor into critical state infrastructure. can also reveal that a report written by former CIA officials alleged that Sun would likely be considered an agent of the Chinese state by US authorities due to his close ties to the CCP and its military , and that his proposed wind farm could pose a threat to national security.

He claimed the site, which is just 30 miles from a major US Air Force base, would also provide spying opportunities for Beijing.

Honestly, there is too much foreign money tied up in our country and unfortunately real estate is one of them.

We need to stand up and take our country back, like these Texas ranchers have done, and that starts, most importantly, with the land.


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