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Tensions rise in America: more war on Monday

Tensions rise in America: more war on Monday

Rob Maness

It seems like the whole country is about to explode some days. Ever since former president and 2024 front-runner Donald Trump was arrested and his mugshot released, things seem more intense. Across the country we are seeing citizens confronting each other in the streets, killing each other over political ideology, protesting illegal siting in their cities, obstructing law enforcement and illegally invading South Florida. With a sitting president demonizing half of Americans as violent domestic extremists, a media that openly elevates a story about a madman killing black people but refuses to cover the crazy woman who killed children at a religious school and reveal a domestic trans terrorist, and an intelligence community that helps cover up anything that shows the truth, except anything that supports their white supremacy narrative, we are headed for an increasingly violent conflict right here at home? We are in a very sad situation and we need elected leaders with the courage not only to talk about these problems, but to take direct action to solve them.

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