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Super PAC Supporting Biden Challenger Raises Over $10M

Super PAC Supporting Biden Challenger Raises Over M

Super PAC Supporting Biden Challenger Raises Over $10M

In a surprising turn of events, a Super PAC supporting Robert F. Kennedy Jr’s presidential campaign has raised over $10.25 million. This is a significant milestone for Kennedy’s long-shot challenge against President Joe Biden, indicating that his campaign has gained traction among donors, including Republicans.

The exact amount raised by the super PAC, American Values 2024, will be disclosed later this month when political action committees file midyear reports with the Federal Election Commission. However, Tony Lyons, Kennedy’s publisher and the co-chair of the super PAC, revealed that the $10.25 million includes two “very large” donations, each exceeding $1 million. Moreover, the contributions came from a mix of Republicans and Democrats, indicating a broad base of support for Kennedy’s campaign.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr, a 69-year-old environmental lawyer, has been a prominent skeptic of vaccines and prescription medications. He has often resorted to citing contorted statistics and unfounded theories to support his claims. Despite his controversial stance, Kennedy has managed to gain a foothold in the race and has even criticized the Democratic Party, accusing public health authorities of corruption. Surprisingly, he has also increasingly embraced conservative figures and causes, further adding to his appeal among certain demographics.

It is worth noting that Kennedy’s fundraising efforts are unlikely to match the financial support that will flow into President Biden’s campaign. As the incumbent, Biden enjoys the backing of the Democratic National Committee and has a well-established donor infrastructure supporting him. However, Kennedy’s ability to raise over $10 million demonstrates that his campaign has resonated with a significant number of donors who are willing to back his primary challenge against Biden.

In a related development, an influential Democratic donor has publicly supported Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s call for more debate on COVID-19 vaccines. Billionaire hedge fund investor Bill Ackman took to Twitter in June to express his views on challenging the conventional wisdom and the need for alternative perspectives in addressing the pandemic. Ackman pointed out that being part of the establishment often discourages individuals from questioning prevailing beliefs. He also highlighted the impact of economic interests on one’s willingness to embrace new ideas and innovations.

Acknowledging the importance of open debate, Ackman’s support for Kennedy’s call for more discussion on COVID-19 vaccines signifies a growing recognition among some Democrats that alternative viewpoints should be considered. This endorsement adds credibility to Kennedy’s campaign and may influence others to support his cause as well.

It is evident that Kennedy’s campaign is gaining momentum, both in terms of fundraising and attracting influential supporters. While he faces an uphill battle against a well-funded and well-connected incumbent, Kennedy’s ability to garner significant financial support underscores the existence of a faction within the Democratic Party that is willing to back a challenger. Whether this support will translate into tangible results in the primary race remains to be seen.

In conclusion, the Super PAC supporting Robert F. Kennedy Jr’s primary campaign against President Joe Biden has raised over $10.25 million. This achievement highlights the growing traction of Kennedy’s campaign and the diverse base of support he has managed to gather, including both Republicans and Democrats. Additionally, influential Democratic donor Bill Ackman’s endorsement of Kennedy’s call for more debate on COVID-19 vaccines adds further credibility to his campaign. While Kennedy faces an uphill battle against the incumbent, his ability to raise significant funds and attract influential supporters signifies the existence of a faction within the Democratic Party that is willing to challenge the status quo. The outcome of this primary challenge will undoubtedly shape the future of American politics.

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