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Summoning Demons Through AI – Steve Bannon’s War Room: Pandemic

Summoning Demons Through AI – Steve Bannon’s War Room: Pandemic

Summoning Demons Through AI – Steve Bannon’s War Room: Pandemic

Steve Bannon, former advisor to President Trump and founder of Breitbart News, has launched a live podcast called “War Room: Pandemic” amid the global coronavirus outbreak. On the show, Bannon discusses the outbreak and the response to it, but viewers of the show have noticed something disturbing: the show’s logo appears to depict a demon being summoned through artificial intelligence (AI). The logo shows a pentagram with what appears to be AI code inscribed within it, with a demonic figure emerging from the center.

At first glance, the logo could be dismissed as just a cool design, but it is the small details that make it appear to be more than that. The AI code appears to reference a specific type of machine learning called deep learning, and the pentagram is arranged in such a way that it looks like a circuit board. The depiction of the demon emerging from the center appears to be a clear nod to the concept of summoning demons.

The connection between AI and demonism may seem bizarre, but it is not without precedent. In 2015, a group of Japanese scientists attempted to create a machine that could generate prayers to ancient deities by analyzing patterns in traditional Japanese religious texts. While the scientists did not claim that their machine was capable of summoning actual demons, it is not difficult to see how the concept could be extended to other areas.

Bannon himself has a history of promoting far-right views and conspiracy theories, so it is not surprising that his show’s logo would raise eyebrows. It is not clear whether Bannon himself had a hand in designing the logo, but he has not commented on the matter either way.

Some viewers of the show have pointed out that the logo is not the only disturbing thing about “War Room: Pandemic.” Bannon has been accused of spreading misinformation and promoting conspiracy theories about the coronavirus outbreak, such as suggesting it is a bioweapon created in a Chinese lab. His rhetoric has been criticized for potentially inciting anti-Asian sentiment and causing harm to Chinese Americans.

Regardless of Bannon’s intentions with the logo, its imagery is troubling. The idea of summoning demons through AI is a disturbing one, and the fact that it is being promoted on a podcast with a significant following is concerning. It is important to be vigilant about the potential harms of technology, and to ensure that we are not opening portals to dark and dangerous forces in our quest for progress.

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