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Sponsored Post: Brave Books Battles Woke Up ‘Scholastic Corp’ Bringing Children’s Book Fairs to Families

Raising children in today’s world cannot be easy for parents. They often find themselves fighting woke teachers, school boards, and education groups like Scholastic, who are more focused on promoting LGBTQ ideologies than teaching reading, writing, and arithmetic. Sending your child to school today should feel like sending them to war: As parents, you need to equip your precious children with the knowledge, faith and information they need to stay strong . Starting your education with healthy, anti-waking books is an excellent strategy to succeed in this challenge. Fortunately, Brave Books is here to help parents and grandparents safeguard their children’s values ​​along the way.


Many of us have heard disturbing stories of teachers introducing children to inappropriate books about topics such as gender transition and alternative lifestyles, topics that are too complex for young children to handle. You may be wondering, “Who publishes these books?” Unfortunately, in many cases, the culprit is the once beloved “School Books”. They are responsible for memorable titles and series such as ‘Clifford the Big Red Dog’, ‘Goosebumps’, ‘The Magic School Bus’ and ‘The Hunger Games’. If you were a fan of Scholastic Books during your childhood, you may be disappointed to learn that today’s Scholastic is not the same company that once provided you with an enjoyable read. Now, they are pushing Marxism, gender confusion, and the LGBTQ lifestyle on children.

Sponsored Post: Brave Books Battles Woke Up ‘Scholastic Corp’ Bringing Children’s Book Fairs to Families

Daily Citizen:

School books promoting critical race theory concepts include Brendan Kiely’s The Other Talk: Reckoning with Our White Privilege and Stamped: Racism, Antiracism, and You, an adaptation for 12-18 year olds of the book Stamped by activist Ibram X. Kendi. From the beginning.

Books like these are rooted in a Marxist ideology that separates all of society into “oppressors” and “oppressed”, based on identity politics. With CRT all whites are “privileged”, but white, Christian, English-speaking men are particularly advantaged.

They teach that racism is systemic and structural and must be combated with “anti-racism,” treating people differently based on their race and other “intersectional” traits, so that “equity” is achieved .

This is just a small sample, as Scholastic has dozens of other books that promote homosexuality and transgenderism and critical race theory.


Brave Books has been on the front lines in this fight, fighting the “drag queen story hours” alongside notable author Kirk Cameron. Together, they’ve brought healthy, family-friendly book readings to libraries across the country. American parents, who want to share quality books with their children, flock to these events, appreciating this refreshing alternative.

However, Brave Books is not limited to this. Now they are challenging the awakened Scholastic Corporation by entering the book fair. They are visiting schools with a selection of ‘safe’ and child-friendly books that teachers and parents can rely on with confidence.


Scholastic is not the company you knew growing up. Goodbye high school crushes and cute eraser packs. Scholastic wants to parade gender fluidity with LGBTQIA+ children’s books in its first screenings. Alex Gino’s pro-transgender book Melissa received its “Scholastic Gold Award” for its “groundbreaking” story about a transgender boy who comes out as a girl.

With 75,000 book fairs a year in schools across the country, their influence on the next generation is unmatched. BRAVE has recognized the need for a healthy alternative to Scholastic’s book selection.

That is why we present the BRAVE Book Fairs! Our mission is to provide schools with a catalog of children’s books that are engaging and age appropriate without all the junk! We believe that families and parents have the power to change the trajectory of the next generation. That’s why it’s important to bring BRAVE book fairs to your school and community.

If you are interested in having a BRAVE Book Fair at your school, click here hereand fill out the interest form on the page.

Brave Books stands shoulder to shoulder with concerned parents, striving to provide children with a fun, creative and solid foundation through stories. This is what makes Brave books a popular choice among parents and grandparents.


You can trust that when you open a brave book, you’ll find positive and uplifting stories that enrich and nurture your child’s soul from start to finish. If you want to give your child the gift of positivity and inspiration, all it takes is a visit to brave books, where a library of enriching possibilities awaits you. And here’s a bonus: if you sign up today, Brave will send you a free book. So why wait? Make brave books an integral part of your family’s routine, giving your children the knowledge and confidence they need to tackle the challenges they encounter.

Click the link below and discover the wholesome beauty that is Brave Books.



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