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Spice Girls star Mel B reveals massive tax debt in bitter custody battle with ex’s 11-year-old daughter

singing Honey BHer family’s finances were exposed as part of the legal battle with her ex-husband Esteve Belafonte about his daughter Madison, has learned

According to court documents obtained by, the Spice Girls star, 48, said her company Purple Owl brings in about $72,000 a month.

He said his assets include $12,000 in the bank, but does not list any real estate.

The singer said her other daughters, Phoenix and Angel, live with her in the UK. Her monthly expenses include $6,100 per month in rent, $4,100 in groceries, $900 in eating out, $1,150 in utilities, $350 in cell phones, $200 in laundry and cleaning, $2,625 in clothing, $2,230 in education, $4,100 in entertainment expenses, and $300 in entertainment.

Mel said she spends $23,055 a month on bills.

The filing noted that Mel “owes significant taxes to the UK and US tax authorities for which he makes monthly payments in varying amounts”.

In his income and expense statement, Mel’s ex Stephen said he was taking in about $21,000 a month. Although this was his average income, Stephen said he “lost his management job on October 1, 2022 and has had no income.” He told the court he lives on savings and support.

Stephen said he currently has $263,000 in his bank account. Seve monthly expenses includes $7,145 for your home, $1,000 in health costs, $3,400 in child care, $3,000 in groceries, $2,500 in eating out, $250 in cell phones, $500 in laundry, $2,500 in clothing, $2,200 in education, $3,500 in entertainment, $1,000 in automobile expenses, and $500 in charitable contributions.

Stephen’s monthly expenses total $35,275.


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