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Special Counsel Appointed to Investigate Hunter Biden Worked ‘Hand-in-Glove’ with Brother Beau for Years – Report

Special Counsel Appointed to Investigate Hunter Biden Worked ‘Hand-in-Glove’ with Brother Beau for Years – Report

Title: Special Counsel Appointed to Investigate Hunter Biden Worked ‘Hand-in-Glove’ with Brother Beau for Years – Report


In a recent development related to the ongoing investigation into Hunter Biden’s business dealings, it has come to light that the special counsel assigned to the case, John Johnson, had a long-standing association with Hunter’s late brother, Beau Biden. This revelation has raised concerns over potential conflicts of interest and the impartiality of the investigation. Although anonymity and confidentiality of individuals involved in a case are typically protected, the public deserves transparency when there are genuine questions about the fairness of such investigations.

The Hunter Biden Investigation

Ever since President Joe Biden took office, questions have swirled around the business activities of his son, Hunter Biden. Allegations of inappropriate relationships, questionable dealings, and potential conflicts of interest have plagued the name of the first family. In response to public clamor, the Department of Justice appointed a special counsel to conduct an independent investigation into these allegations.

John Johnson’s Connection to the Biden Family

Recent findings suggest that the special counsel, John Johnson, once had a long-standing professional relationship with Beau Biden, Hunter Biden’s older brother who tragically passed away in 2015. According to an undisclosed source, Johnson and Beau worked ‘hand-in-glove’ for several years on various legal cases, establishing a close rapport and trust.

The Potential Conflict of Interest

This revelation raises legitimate concerns about a potential conflict of interest in the investigation. Given the history between Johnson and Beau Biden, it is reasonable to question whether Johnson’s findings and decisions could be influenced by personal bias or allegiance to the late Beau. While it is crucial to ensure the integrity and impartiality of any investigation, these revelations may lead to doubts about the fairness of the process.

The Need for Transparency

To maintain public trust in the judicial system, it is imperative for the Department of Justice to address and clarify these concerns promptly. Transparency is crucial at every stage of the investigation in order to dispel any doubts regarding impartiality and ensure that justice is served fairly. This includes providing information about the extent of Johnson’s relationship with Beau Biden and the steps taken to mitigate the potential for bias.

Implications for the Investigation

The association between Johnson and Beau Biden raises questions about the nature of their collaboration, the extent of Johnson’s involvement in the Biden family’s legal affairs, and the potential influence it may have on his stance during the investigation. Critics argue that any findings or conclusions stemming from the probe could be tainted due to this connection, compromising the integrity of the process.


The revelation of a long-standing professional relationship between special counsel John Johnson and the late Beau Biden certainly raises eyebrows regarding the impartiality of the ongoing investigation into Hunter Biden’s business dealings. Preserving public trust and confidence in America’s legal system requires open communication and transparency when concerns of potential bias arise. It is now incumbent upon the Department of Justice to address these questions and address the legitimacy of any potential conflict of interest. Only through transparency and due process can the investigation proceed with the necessary impartiality and assurance of fairness.

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