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Shocking News Exposed! Biden’s Brain Blunder and Swalwell’s Troubling Ties

Shocking News Exposed! Biden’s Brain Blunder and Swalwell’s Troubling Ties

Chad Caton

Join us on RVM Roundup for a jaw-dropping revelation of breaking news and viral videos the mainstream media won’t dare to cover! Uncover the truth behind Joe Biden’s shocking claim of ending cancer and dive deep into Eric Swalwell’s controversial association with a known trans pedophile, exposed by LibsOfTikTok. Stay informed and subscribe now for more eye-opening updates!

Tune into RVM Roundup Mon-Thur at 6 PM EST to catch the news of the day, viral videos, and see the best of RVM’s shows.

Today’s best:

1: Eric Swalwell campaigned for a known trans pedophile. LibsOfTikTok went to his office to ask about it

2: Joe Biden Just Claimed To Have Ended Cancer As We Know It | The Man’s Brain Is Tapioca [VIDEO]

3: Ice Cube lays it out on how to deal with cancel culture and censorship

4: Gaetz Says McCarthy’s Talk Is Cheap On Impeaching Biden Given His Track Record Of All Words & No Action [VIDEO]

5: Jill Biden Claims Biden Brought Divided Communities Together

6: ‘After 9/11, The Laws Didn’t Work’: MSNBC Guest Compares Trump Supporters To Al-Qaeda

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