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Schumer’s Fears Come True: Tucker’s Jan. 6 Videos Draw Ratings That Blow Competitors Out of the Water

Schumer’s Fears Come True: Tucker’s Jan. 6 Videos Draw Ratings That Blow Competitors Out of the Water

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer may have had reason to be worried when he called on Fox News not to air Tucker Carlson’s Jan. 6th footage. Schumer’s fears have come true as the ratings for Carlson’s show, which aired the video, have blown competitors out of the water.

Recent reports suggest that Fox News’ ratings have been on the decline since Donald Trump left office. It seems that Tucker Carlson’s coverage of the Capitol riots, however, has been a significant boost for the network. Carlson’s Jan. 6th show, which included footage from the riots as they happened, was watched by over 5 million people, making it the most-watched program in the history of Fox News.

This is not to say that the program’s success is entirely positive. Many critics have pointed out that the footage aired by Carlson was extremely violent and could be seen as glorifying the insurrection. Schumer’s call for Fox News not to air the footage was largely based on concerns that it could incite further violence.

Despite these concerns, Carlson has defended his decision to air the footage, arguing that it was important for the American people to see what happened on Jan. 6th. He has also criticized the mainstream media’s coverage of the riots, accusing them of downplaying the violence.

The high ratings for Carlson’s Jan. 6th show have only fueled the ongoing debate about the role that media coverage played in the events of that day. Critics argue that the media bears some responsibility for the Capitol riots, as their coverage of Trump’s false claims of a stolen election helped to fuel the anger and frustration of his supporters.

On the other hand, defenders of the media argue that they were simply reporting on newsworthy events and that they cannot be held responsible for the violent actions of individuals. Regardless of where one stands on this issue, it is clear that the Jan. 6th footage shown by Tucker Carlson has had a significant impact on the national conversation about the Capitol riots.

The question now is whether or not Fox News will continue to air this type of content, and whether or not it will continue to draw such high ratings. For now, it seems that Tucker Carlson’s reporting on Jan. 6th has been a major factor in keeping Fox News at the top of the ratings game, and it will be interesting to see how this dynamic evolves in the coming months.

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