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Salesforce introduces an AI-powered assistant across its suite

Salesforce has unveiled “Einstein Copilot,” a generative AI tool built into its broad spectrum of applications. This launch, announced ahead of the Dreamforce conference, showcases the AI ​​assistant’s ability to streamline various tasks, such as summarizing video calls, crafting emails for promotional campaigns and providing personalized responses to customers.

Unlike standard virtual assistants that manage reminders and meeting schedules, Einstein Copilot is also equipped with the capabilities of a generative pre-trained transformer (GPT). This allows it to use natural human language to answer queries and produce content requested by users.

Einstein Copilot’s standout feature is its ability to leverage large customer and corporate data from Salesforce’s Data Cloud, ensuring accurate and relevant responses. Businesses can integrate this AI assistant into their websites or integrate it seamlessly with messaging apps such as Meta Platforms’ Slack and WhatsApp.

Notably, Salesforce had previously launched the Einstein GPT genAI product earlier this year in March. Reinforcing its commitment to generative AI, the company also raised its venture capital fund for AI-based startups to $500 million in June.

Marc Benioff’s Salesforce is joining tech giants like Microsoft and Alphabet in tapping into the growing market for generative AI, a trend that gained momentum after the success of OpenAI’s ChatGPT last year.

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