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Ryanair’s CEO gets a surprise from environmental activists

During his recent visit to Brussels, Ryanair chief executive Michael O’Leary was in for a creamy surprise when two environmental activists targeted him with cream pies in the face. The incident took place in front of the headquarters of the European Commission on Thursday at noon.

A video capturing the moment showed the early activist greeting O’Leary with a “welcome [to] Belgium,” only to proceed with a cake assault. Her companion soon followed suit with another cake, passionately exclaiming her protest against airplane pollution. The duo then quickly left the scene.

Despite the unexpected interruption, O’Leary managed to keep his spirits up. In response to the press, he jovially commented on his fondness for cream pies, even asking if there were any more. He went on to explain the purpose of his visit: to present a petition advocating the protection of European flights against disruptions from air traffic control strikes. The petition amassed more than 1.5 million signatures, particularly in light of Ryanair’s recent cancellations due to industrial strikes in France, which only affected 900 flights in June.

On its social media channel, formerly known as Twitter, Ryanair humorously noted its take on the event, noting a preference for real cream over the soy-based alternative used in cakes.

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