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Ryanair flight turns back after wheelchair passenger left behind

A Ryanair flight from Bordeaux to Edinburgh was forced to return to the airport on Tuesday night after it was discovered that a wheelchair passenger had been left behind.

The budget airline has blamed Bordeaux airport for the error, saying the airport failed to provide the passenger with the “necessary special assistance” and that the crew had been “misinformed” that all passengers had been embarked The plane had begun taxiing to the runway for take-off when the error was discovered. The pilot then returned to pick up the missing passenger.

Ryanair said it was working with the airport to ensure “this does not happen again”. In a statement, the airline said: “It is unacceptable that Bordeaux Airport did not provide this passenger with the special assistance required to board this flight from Bordeaux to Edinburgh despite Ryanair having paid for this service. “No not only were they unable to board this passenger, but they misinformed the crew of this flight that all passengers had been boarded when in fact this passenger had not, and the plane began taxiing onto the runway.” The ground staff at Bordeaux airport realized their mistake and notified the crew to stand up again to board the passenger.

“It is appalling that Ryanair customers who require special assistance are being let down by Bordeaux Airport and we are working with them to ensure this does not happen again.”

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