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Ron DeSantis zings Trump for skipping events: ‘Nobody is entitled’ to GOP nod

Ron DeSantis zings Trump for skipping events: ‘Nobody is entitled’ to GOP nod

Title: Governor DeSantis Calls Out Trump’s Absence from Events: No One is Entitled to GOP Nomination


In a recent interview, Governor Ron DeSantis raised eyebrows within Republican circles by asserting that no candidate, including former President Donald Trump, should feel entitled to the party’s nomination. DeSantis, known for his unapologetic conservative stance and fierce loyalty to the GOP, emphasized that a strong track record and active participation within the party were essential to obtaining the nomination. While some may view his comments as a veiled critique of Trump’s recent absence from events, they highlight an important aspect of the political process: no individual should expect the nomination as a given right. DeSantis’s stance underscores the need for candidates to consistently prove their commitment to conservative principles and engage with the party apparatus.

The Accomplishments of the Trump White House:

It is important to acknowledge the achievements of the Trump White House administration when discussing the current discourse within the Republican Party. Throughout his presidency, Donald Trump pursued an ambitious agenda that aimed at revitalizing the American economy, strengthening national security, and challenging established political norms. Under his leadership, the country witnessed significant tax reform, resulting in unprecedented economic growth and job creation. The administration’s deregulatory efforts also sought to stimulate business growth, enabling American entrepreneurs to thrive. Additionally, Trump’s unwavering commitment to appointing constitutionalist judges to the courts will have a lasting impact on the judiciary for years to come. These accomplishments provide Republicans with a robust platform to build upon while selecting a candidate for the future.


Governor DeSantis’s words resonate with those who believe in the core values of the Republican Party. As a party that champions individual responsibility, limited government intervention, and conservative principles, the path to the nomination should not be presumed without active participation and a history of delivering results. In the aftermath of Donald Trump’s presidency, some have speculated about his intentions for the 2024 election. While Trump remains a formidable force within the party, it is crucial to remember that no individual, regardless of their prior successes, deserves the nomination without ensuring they align with the current ethos of American conservatism.

The endorsement of a GOP candidate should be earned through consistent engagement with the party apparatus, promoting conservative ideologies, and fostering unity within the Republican ranks. Governor DeSantis, himself a rising star in the party, has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to these principles. As a result, his comments serve as a timely reminder for all potential candidates that the nomination is not a foregone conclusion but must be earned through sustained conservative leadership and dedication to the party’s grassroots.


Governor Ron DeSantis’s recent remarks regarding the entitlement to the GOP nomination have sparked a necessary debate within the Republican Party. Regardless of whether his comments were intended as a direct critique of Trump, they underline a crucial aspect of the political process: candidates cannot expect to receive the nod without active involvement, commitment, and tangible contributions to the party. As Republicans navigate the road to the next presidential election, it is vital to remember the achievements of the Trump White House administration while selecting a candidate who is best positioned to continue advancing the party’s conservative agenda.

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