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Riot Update: French Right-Wing Influencer Tells Followers ‘Do Nothing’ – Bring Down Republic As Intended…

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As unrest continues across France following the police shooting of a North African teenager, with people killed and seriously injured, there are unconfirmed rumors swirling that French President Macron intends to shutting down the internet to try to calm the chaos. Again, this is unverified, but if true, it’s probably less about quelling the “riots” and more about quelling a certain very powerful voice that’s speaking out right now in a way that doesn’t like the Macron regime. The popular French right-wing influencer known as Papacito has come up with a rather intriguing strategy to bring down the corrupt globalist regime: DO NOTHING while France burns.

Papacito’s message to his followers in France and Europe is pretty dry. Instead of confronting the violent migrants and left-wing “antifa types” taking on the government, he tells them to sit back and watch. He thinks they should let the Republic fall as it is meant to, and then they can set out to put it back together. That’s when the “fight” begins.

Here’s an even more fascinating and in-depth analysis of Papacito’s directive by French right-wing podcaster Jean Francois Gariepy.

Unfortunately, this situation offers a scary glimpse of what happens when you have an open border mentality, something we’ve experienced, literally and figuratively, here at home. Ultimately, it will lead to a state of complete and utter decay, destroying even those who invited the animals.

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