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Right-wing journalist has very interesting reasons to support Trump over DeSantis…

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As the 2024 primary campaign heats up, many conservatives find themselves battling the race’s top two contenders: President Trump and Governor DeSantis. While it’s true that DeSantis is struggling in the polls and struggling to connect with voters nationally, this contest is just starting to ramp up, so anything can happen. Prominent conservative journalist Rogan O’Handley has joined the escalating “Trump or DeSantis” debate, and his reason for siding with Trump for the 2024 race is getting a lot of attention. It’s pretty simple: According to O’Handley, while he’s a big fan of DeSantis, he wants the guy with the most impeachments, indictments and investigations under his belt by 2024.

It’s an interesting answer and it may ring a bell. Darren Beattie offered a similar sentiment when he appeared on Glenn Greenwald’s podcast. Darren stated that all 2024 candidates should be asked the same question: what will you do to win your charges?

Many conservatives have no interest in returning to the status quo and would rather rally behind someone who evokes enough anger from the wrongdoers to face life in prison. It’s one thing to get unfavorable press, but quite another to be in the crosshairs of the entire Deep State apparatus as President Trump has been for almost 10 years.



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