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Revolutionary AI presidential candidate AIbraham Lincoln launches 2028 campaign

In a groundbreaking move, AIbraham Lincoln, the world's first AI presidential candidate, has announced his candidacy for the 2028 US election. Branded Abe2.0, this revolutionary candidate promises a new era of fairness , transparency and impartial decision-making in American politics.

AIbraham Lincoln is designed to listen to all voters, making decisions based on American values ​​and constitutional principles. Using cutting-edge AI technology, it ensures that policies reflect the true will of the people. The more the public gets involved, the more precisely Abe2.0 can tailor policies to meet the diverse needs of Americans. This approach promises governance free from the biases and vested interests that have long plagued traditional politics.

Abe2.0's mission is clear: “Empower voters with a fair, transparent and impartial AI president who listens to everyone and adapts to changing needs.”

To meet all legal requirements, AIbraham Lincoln will push for a human spokesperson who meets all the constitutional criteria for the presidency, including being an American citizen born in the United States. This ensures continuity with tradition while introducing innovative governance.

With an unprecedented level of transparency and ethical decision-making, Abraham Lincoln aims to restore trust in government. Every decision made is fully traceable, fostering a new era of accountability.

Step into the future and tell future generations that you are at the forefront of ushering in a new era with Abraham Lincoln. For more information, visit


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