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Revealed: UK’s first female affirmative action banker responsible for CENSORING Nigel Farage…

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When Alison Rose became NatWest Bank’s first female chief executive in 2019, she promised that “tackling climate change” would be her number one priority.

The Telegraph:

[…] Rose saw his role as primarily ideological rather than tediously financial. “Simply put,” he said, “dealing with the climate emergency is one of, if not the biggest issue of our time, and banks have a huge role to play in mobilizing the power of finance to achieve net zero ambition.”

That same day, the bank ended new loans for oil and gas extraction, a ruinous piece of virtue signaling that made it difficult for the British people to access their own abundant natural resources. Meanwhile, Norway, a country fortunately not captured by Marxist EDI fanatics – Equality, Diversity, Inclusion – is drilling like crazy in its part of the North Sea. (Guess which country the UK now buys half its oil and gas supplies from at a cost of £40 billion a year? Green purity doesn’t come cheap, you know.)

Not that paying the gas bill is a big concern for Dame Alison. His pay packet last year was £5.25m, much of that courtesy of the taxpayer, who has owned 39 per cent of NatWest (and therefore Coutts) since its bailout during the 2008 financial crisis.

But why? Did Ms. Rose get confused and think she joined Greenpeace instead of a bank? No one knows what this woman was thinking, but it is clear that she was being paid millions a year to push a radical far-left political agenda instead of serving the needs of the bank and its customers. Now, after doing all that, people are calling for Ms. Rose, the first female chief executive, to be fired. This follows a sad and destructive pattern of unprofessional women who don’t understand their job duties and think they were hired as political activists instead of “executives” and “marketing managers.” Just look at what happened to Bud Light when a team of women was left to their own devices; the company is now on the brink of collapse.

Rose was brazenly hired by NatWest primarily because of her gender, not her merit.


Dame Alison Marie Rose-Slade DBE (née Rose; born November 1969[2]) is a British banker and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of NatWest Group since November 2019. She became the first woman to lead a major UK lender after leading government investigations into the under-representation of women in business. She became a Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire in 2023.

So why so much attention on Ms. Rose right now? Well, it’s mostly thanks to his scandalous “ousting” of popular Tory figure Nigel Farage.


In July 2023, Rose was accused of taking ultimate responsibility for a controversial decision to close Nigel Farage’s bank accounts at Coutts.[24] Documents released by Farage after a subject access request was filed showed that the decision by the bank’s Equity Reputational Risk Committee to close his accounts, according to the 40-page filing, was in part because his views were not compatible with the bank’s “values ​​or purpose”. The file revealed that Farage had his politically exposed person (PEP) status downgraded in 2022, but his status was upgraded again in 2023. The file also revealed that Farage’s bank account met its viability conditions in 2022, but no longer did in 2023 after he paid off a mortgage loan and upgraded his PEP status again. In a front-page story on July 20, The Daily Telegraph also reported that Rose had dined with the BBC’s Simon Jack the evening before publishing an article claiming the decision had been “for commercial reasons”. It was reported that MP Peter Bone and MP David Jones called for Rose’s resignation.[25][26]

Now Ms Rose has issued a desperate apology to Farage in a last ditch attempt to keep her head:

The Telegraph:

Now, in a desperate bid to quell the furore over Nigel Farage and his closed accounts at Coutts, she has emailed him to apologise. But good words do not butter parsnips. Dame Alison must resign.

A friend who used to be very senior at Coutts and still keeps in touch with former colleagues says the scandal at the private bank that canceled Nigel Farage’s account was “depressingly inevitable. The forces of awakening have wreaked havoc,” he says, “The problem is that staff are intimidated into complying with these ‘progressive’ edicts.”

My friend is horrified by the naivety and delusions of the current executives. “These people believe they are invulnerable and have little awareness of the outside world. They speak for themselves and listen only to sycophants who never contradict them. If what is said to have been done to Farage is true, it is a disgusting disgrace. I am ashamed of what the bank has become.”

Apparently, Ms. Rose is a proud graduate of the UN’s “ESG University” and the World Economic Forum, where environmental social governance is the order of the day, not “banking stuff”.

This is what a person familiar with this particular bank had to say:

“Basically, if you’re a bright white guy who went to a good school, forget it,” says one highly successful banker, a white guy who went to a great school, no. “They would really prefer to have a less qualified ethnic minority who can’t even write an email to clients because it helps with their ESG rating.”

ESG stands for Environmental, Social and Governance, which typically refers to policies that prioritize long-term environmental and social sustainability when making investments and other banking decisions. ESG can include social issues related to diversity, equity and inclusion in addition to the inevitable climate change.

And that brings us directly back to Farage:

The 40-page dossier that Coutts compiled on Farage reads like the childish scribbles of a politically disadvantaged student union rather than the thoughtful conclusion of mature bankers who know their job is to serve their clients well and treat them fairly while making money for shareholders.

The bank’s wealth reputational risk committee admitted that the former Ukip leader was a commercially viable client, but there’s something a little smelly about him, don’t you know, something that might offend Dame Alison’s delicate and inclusive nostrils. Farage is branded a “racist” and “xenophobe”, apparently because he retweeted a Ricky Gervais joke. Sadly, the report claims that he is a “fake scammer”. A judgment of a subjective nature that belongs to fiction and not to business.

So the real question now is: Why are banks and financial institutions under the control of these self-righteous, quasi-communist ideologies that seem to literally despise many of their customers? The telegraph piece answers this question very well:

One of the UK’s most senior bankers tells me he prefers to say DIE. “As in so many parts of our society, the religion of DIE (EDI) is pervasive. In the corporate world, CEOs either have Stockholm syndrome or are just weak and their DIE officers tell them to sign up for these things or their customers (especially young people) will go elsewhere. It’s the same with ESG. It’s all b——- (if that’s not now considered a misogynistic term!). Hopefully, we’ve reached peak b—— -”.

We hope that this incident with Nigel Farage will serve as an eye opener and a wake up call for many people to see what is really going on before it is too late.

read the complete piece from The Telegram.



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